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Owner Rez

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    alan egan

    I didn’t see a video that described how to use the OwnerRez page and update it. Earlier in another thread, someone else described how to activate the OwnerRez page instead of the other inquire/book page.

    Bring up the page (inquire and book 2) in elementor and click on one of the widgets. In the box on the left of the screen, you will see some code appear. Now go to your OwnerRez account, create a widget and it will show you the code to place on your website. Copy that code and paste it into the box that is in elementor. Now the widget that appears will be the one from your OwnerRez account.

    I customized my page a little bit so that both of my properties appear. You can look at to see what I did. I inadvertently deleted some of the originally formatting that the template had prior to realizing that I could restore it from a previous revision, so mine might look very different from what the template had. I have been using wordpress for only 2 weeks now, so I am still a novice at this.


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    alan egan

    If anyone wants more information or help setting up the Ownerrez page please contact ownerrez – They are very helpful

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    Alan, I know at one point you mentioned a discount for signing up with Owner Rez? How do we access said discount if still available?

    Thank you!


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    alan egan

    Hi Kate,

    Login to WordPress, go to pages all pages and select the page inquire and book 2 – You will see the link there.

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    I just signed up for OwnerRez. Where is the best place to go for instructions on plugging into it from my VR web page that is based on the Vacation Soup template? I see the page Inquire and Book 2, but I can’t make it show up when clicking on that menu option. (I changed the page names…. Inquire and Book to Inquire and Book – original and then Inquire and Book 2 to Inquire and Book.) And I assume there is some configuration I need to do.

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    Sorry. Just realized you’d already described the steps in the initial post. I also got these helpful links from OwnerRez:

    https://www.ownerreservations.<wbr />com/support/articles/widgets


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