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Pixabay .png or .jpg? Which is better?

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Pixabay .png or .jpg? Which is better?

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    When adding photos to our website via Pixabay, the option to save images is .png (recommended) or .jpg (there are 3 others but I’m referring to our basic website use).

    As far as optimizing speed, Google preference and ‘good web building practice’ which is better for us to download and use?  I’ve always done .jpg but that’s because I’m old school. Is Pixabay recommending .png because it’s what is more preferred in web building?



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    alan egan

    I think that’s Canva, not Pixabay but this may help

    JPG vs. PNG: Which Should I Use?


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    Doh! sorry, yes, I meant Canva.  Thanks for the link.

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