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Posting frequency?

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    I read that there’s a planned credit toward the upcoming monthly VacationSoup membership fee, for active participation with the posts via the plugin? Can you guys say more about how that works yet? Thresholds for Number of posts per month? or week?

    Just curious. Trying to psych myself up to participate well enough to help grow the Soup and moderate our costs. As a monthly rental (City regs, since in city limits), I’m needing a dozen or so guests per year, but want to provide info to friends who may not actually stay at our place. Even if I “tickle the market” daily with content, I can only accept a dozen guests or so per year, but want participate well.



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    alan egan

    Hello Cindy.

    Membership of Vacation Soup can be for 3, 6 or 12 months, and can be automatically renewed at the end of the period.  A choice of membership period enables you get the highest value from your membership, rewarding quality posts with increased exposure and reduced costs.

    For 2018 there are two ways to reduce your costs and increase your (and Vacation Soup’s) exposure.

    1. Blog your heart out

    The more you post, the more you save, up to a total of 50% off your subscription renewal.

    The fact is, the more that you publish on your site, the better it ranks on Google. The same is true for the Vacation Soup traveller website, this is why we reward those who publish quality posts more often.

    Your target is to earn 5,000 credits per month in order to get 50% off your subscription renewal (or cash back if you prefer).
    That’s about 3 medium sized articles a week.

    We will always keep a bit of the formula secret, but you will always know the goal and how to achieve to it. The most important thing to remember is you are posting to promote your destination and your own website. 

    The current model, designed to promote 3 medium sized articles per week, is as follows:

    • All calculations are monthly, based on the day you joined.
    • You earn Vacation Soup ‘points’ by generating quality posts.
    • You will be credited 50% membership fee if you reach target.
    • You will be credited pro-rata if you do not reach the target.
    • The target is 5,000 VS credits per month.
    • Naturally you get per article credits, but with bonuses:
    • Earn extra credits for likes and shares on social media.
    • 100 credits if you include extra images.
    • 200 credits if you include video.
      Credits will also be awarded for shares and comments.
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    Cool. Thanks for the insight, Alan!

    So, if I understand right, we’ve not ‘listed our sites yet” – the 3, 6, or 12 month signups will start the 1st? Any particular incentive or points to be exclusively with VS (in the future, our vrbo subscription ends in August)? Or that would probably not be worth you guys tracking, is my guess, so probably not worth any bonus points.

    thanks, Cindy

    (exciting times… 🙂


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    Hi Cindy,

    We are offering 2 years for the price of one for the 1st 100 12 month sign-ups, in recognition that the first few weeks will be quieter. As soon as we have demonstrable volumed of traffic and bookings, enough to enable owners to break free, we may look at exclusivity deals as you suggest, but we need to be (and seen to be) avoiding the cynical tactics used by VRBO, so for now, early starters get the big reward.

    I hope this helps,


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    Sounds great, Francis. Happy to be an early adopter, and thanks for the 2-for-1 year in the Soup. Alan said I’d signed up quickly enough to snag that beneficial discount.

    We’re a small player, being limited to monthly rental. So vrbo listing (only) met our needs until the Expedia fiasco this year. I’m learning from the FB forums, that most folks cast their nets broader through multiple listing sites. That’s just new to me … syncing calendars across multiple sites, etc.


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    Chris Robinson

    Hi Cindy. A lot of the listing sites use ical to sync calendars. Some only export the calendar, others only import. You also need to check how frequently they sync as it’s not always immediate. My way of working is to try and link as many calendars as possible. On the listing sites where I have instant book, I manually update just to be sure. I have a list of listing sites which don’t use ical and therefore can’t sync and I also do these manually. Good luck! Chris


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    Adding iCal and date search support is one of the features that is high in our list. We are spending this week focussing on clearing teething problems before we start looking at adding in the features that will really make things sing.

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    Susan Walker

    Hi, if we were to sign up for the offer of 2 years for one, how would the credit system work?

    And if we just decide to go for the free plan, are we allowed to link to our web site in our posts?

    Many thanks,

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      Hi Susan,

      The details of the credit system are on the pricing page (Owners Area -> Prices). The credit system works against money paid, as the second year is free there is no credit for posting, however the posts you make promote your own site, and will still be syndicated and included in advertising by us.

      On the free plan there are no links allowed back to your site, that would obviously be very unfair to those who are paying for The Soup.


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        Susan Walker

        Hi Francis, thanks for the clarification.

        I ask about the free version because as my posts syndicate automatically they all have a link to my site on them!!

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    Where exactly does the counter for the credits show?

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    John Z

    Here is my thoughts on the posting frequency.

    To get the credit, you need 3 posts per week. That is 156 posts per year, or 312 posts in two years…. I was originally thinking that I would post articles about restaurants or area attractions, thinking that I would maybe do a couple each month. At some threshold, maybe 50, 100, …, people using my website won’t have the patience to look for anything in the blog section because of the quantity of posts there. Has this been considered? I guess the main reason for the posts is to drive traffic to vacation soup, but ultimately I want people interested in my website and booking through my website. The more useful and easy to find information on my website, the more traffic I will have on it. I know when I was recently searching for a property on a listing site, after viewing the first couple of pages, I became frustrated and gave up. I feel the same is going to happen when people look at the blog section.

    Can some of the originators of vacation soup explain to me the reasoning behind 3 post per week per website?

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