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This topic contains 7 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  Rae-Marie May 1 year ago.

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    Rae-Marie May

    A couple of noncritical issues:

    1.  I wrote a blog on the 25th and I know Vacation Soup received it because I saw it on Social Media.  However, when I went to the Hawaii magazine it wasn’t there.
    2.  In the Property Listing you ask for the lowest price (including cleaning and taxes). I’ve always had a hard time with this because the cleaning charge is divided by the number of days.  Assuming a week stay I can divide it by seven, add the rental amount and taxes to come up with a number.  However nowhere on the VS page does it say this number is all inclusive so I would rather just put my lowest daily rental amount (excluding cleaning and taxes). If they are interested they will go to my website and see the extra charges. This is what I have done. If you see a problem with this, let me know.
    3. Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    alan egan

    What was the post title Rae-Marie?

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      Rae-Marie May

      The blog was:  Naturism and Naturist Locations on Kauai – Watch the Laysan Albatross Live on Bird Cam!

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        The post is there at and I will look into why it is not showing in searches.

        Is it possible though that you have mis-appropriated the word ‘Naturist’,do you mean ‘Naturalist’ – it certainly will have Google grouping it in the wrong category. Made me giggle though.

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          Rae-Marie May

          Okay, this is funny Francis.  I took that word directly from the “trending” suggestions on vacation soup the day I wrote the blog.  I thought, maybe, it was a European expression.  I’ve made the correction to my blog but I still don’t see it from Jan 25th in the Hawaii magazine.

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    alan egan

    Regarding pricing, I believe that it’s best to give a realistic price for 1 night (on the soup). It’s a bit bait and switch if you exclude taxes and cleaning. But it’s up to you.


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    I think we should make it a common meaning for all, and explain to travellers and owners alike what it means. I propose to add the following wording:

    The price is the lowest price-per-night for a 1 week rental with all costs (e.g. cleaning) and taxes included.

    What do you both think?

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    Rae-Marie May

    Alan,  I agree, but most places (hotels, etc.) quote a base price and then add on taxes and resort fees. Whenever I book something I always ask for the total cost to me.

    Frances, I think this is a great idea.  Very clear to the guest and easy for Owners to compute.

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