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Property not showing on Vacation Soup

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This topic contains 5 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  Clare Cambridge 9 months, 1 week ago.

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    Clare Cambridge

    My Property isn’t showing on Vacation Soup, I actually have searched for the UK but nothing comes up, when I search and there doesn’t seem to be a local guide for the UK.  Help please   My blogs however are showing, the only properties showing alongside the blogs are in France.  If I click on a blog to “Meet the Aurthor” nothing happens.

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    alan egan

    Hello Clare,

    As far as I can see, you haven’t added your property. Can you confirm that you have added it please.

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    Clare Cambridge

    Hi Alan, yes you are right, really sorry I saved the email after reading the top bit, didn’t scroll down to the future instructions.  For some reason I though it was automatically just linked the website (i know, I know, having another blond moment)  I have listed now, (it’s says waiting for approval) .

    While I am here please could I ask a couple of questions.  During the trello video, it mentions that there will be some more videos re canva and hostwriter I really could do with the help.   Also do you have a more detailed video for people struggling with photo sizing,  I did the bulk resizing as suggested, but still some of the pictures came of different sizes in my gallery on my website.  I’ve read elsewhere (I did try) that some pictures may need cropping before resizing, but thb it’s over my head to work out how to do it.  🙂


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      Alan is the best one for your questions, and will point you at the right videos.

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    alan egan

    Hi Clare,

    Can you add the price and then I’ll push the property live.

    I don’t have the Canva videos anymore but there are lots on Youtube – It’s well worth the time to get used to Canva.

    Host-writer was the forerunner of the plugin so that’s not applicable now.

    You’ll find photo editing and cropping videos here (I use ipiccy these days since picmonkey started charging).

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    Clare Cambridge

    Thank you Alan,  I’ve added price (I was sure I had already done it)  thanks for the instruction, very simple to do.

    Thanks for the link,  I’m feeling a bit of info overload atm, my tiny brain can’t take anymore lol, so I’m having a break and going back to sort out the little things like the pictures, etc   before I go any further forward.  🙂


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