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Question about cost

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    Hello, as I started going through the video’s I’m noticing a cost for Siteground and I will need to sign up with Ownerrez for their calendaring and ins, I will also need to sign up with a company for accepting credit card payments. I’m wondering if anyone has a general cost to get this all set up. I would like to know how much all this is going to cost me before I get to far into it.  I can go to each site and get a cost, but I thought I’d check here first and see if anyone has a cost before I go through the trouble.

    Thanks for any help you can give.


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    alan egan

    Hello Donette,

    The costs of Siteground are around $10 a month depending which account type you sign up for.

    Ownerrez is an option – You can use the free calendar that comes with the stock website (for 1 property) There are many calendar options avalable. – Ownerrez is around $20 a month for 1 property.

    Credit card payments will vary with suppliers

    I hope that helps

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      Remi Thackrey

      Hi Donette,

      Just a quick heads-up, SiteGround have a special offer on at the moment of half price hosting. At least that is what I see in Europe.

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    John Z

    In the US, the initial subscription for siteground was ~$6 per month. I bought 3 years with to lock in the discounted rate.

    I was a user of OwnerRez prior to joining vacation soup. The cost is $20 per month for up to 2 properties. It was worth it for me to have OwnerRez previously for the e-signing of rental agreements and created some statistic. Ultimately, I plan to have my master calendar in OwnerRez as well. I have been using OwnerRez for about 3 months now, so I am still a novice at it. The creating of the rental agreement via templates was worth it. I used to spend 15 minutes to manually create a rental agreement and deal with the sending it and wait for it to be mailed back to me signed. With OwnerRez, it takes me about 2 minutes to create the rental agreement and it archives the signed agreement for me.

    Right now, I am still using Square for direct bookings. There is no monthly fee, just the standard 3% credit card fee. If I start taking more direct booking, I will look into using the credit card processor that OwnerRez recommends.


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