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Question about Listing

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    I’m confused about the rate listed in my listing – it just asked for one rate, which includes cleaning, taxes, etc.  Is that supposed to be the lowest rate I’d charge including all of that?  Especially cleaning is hard to determine daily, since it’s a per visit fee, but I can use an average visit.  My real concern is that my winter rates are $70 a night less than summer, should I put my winter rates in the rate area?

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    alan egan

    Hi Sheila,

    We thought long and hard about this. Pricing is one of those things that has so many variables from place to place that it’s not possible to cover all options.

    That’s why we went for prices from. Put in what you feel is right. The idea with a ‘from’ price is that it will encourage click-throughs to your site where each owner can list exact prices, additions, tax, etc

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    Got it, thanks Alan!

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