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Reviews – change the order they appear?

Home Forums WordPress Plugin Reviews – change the order they appear?

This topic contains 5 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by  alan egan 11 months, 1 week ago.

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    Linda Gonzalez

    I looked in past “Community” postings — at one point Alan said:
    Go to testimonials, all testimonials.
    On the left-hand side, there is a column called ‘order’.
    You can drag and drop the reviews using the hamburger symbol.

    But… I don’t see a column called “Order” nor do I see anything that looks like a “hamburger” (or a hotdog!).

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    Linda Gonzalez

    FOUND IT! It appears that under TESTIMONIALS/SETTINGS, the default is to have the “Oder” enabler “Off” instead of “On”. So I clicked in the box to allow “Order” to rearrange/drag-and-drop:

    “Enable drag-and-drop reordering in the testimonial list. Off by default.
    Then set Order to “menu order” in the View.”

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    Thank you for sharing the solution, it will be helpful to everyone

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    Ahhh this is just what I had been asking….thank you Linda.

    I had already found nd clocked on the box to allow ‘order’ to rearrange/drag-and-drop, but I cannot follow the final instruction which is ‘set order to menu order in the view’ as i can’t find this!!!!

    However it seems that just by clicking on ‘order’ in the ‘all testimonials’ page, a hand icon comes up and I can order them anyway…so maybe it doesn’t matter!


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    So I can order within one page. But as i add another testimonial from the past, i can only move it to the bottom of the first page in the dashboard…not the the 2nd which is where it should be . Any ideas please?????

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    alan egan

    This may help

    Strong Testimonials Plugin – The Basics

    You can also order them by number as well as date

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