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    Hey all,

    I was able to install a plugin into WordPress called Yoast SEO.  I played with it a bit yesterday and made some changes to the site in accordance with what it was finding could be improved for Readability and SEO content.  I ran thru the SEO vids in the ‘more resources’ area of the learning site, and most of the items were actually items that the tool discovered automatically.  The good things about the vids are that they are short and offer an explanation to the items that were identified as needing improvement via the plugin.  After having watched the videos, I will go back through the plugin tool one more time to tidy things up a bit more.  To get started, once you install the plugin in WordPress you can go to:

    Plugins>Yoast SEO

    You will see a button named ‘Need Help?’  Click that.

    There you will see a tab for a video tutorial, knowledgebase area, and support.  The vid tutorial was enough for me to get started.

    Hope this helps,


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