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Site ground Critical Issue

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Site ground Critical Issue

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    I created my site on the “old” version of Alan’s free giveaway. I received this today from Siteground. My photos are still there, so is there any action that I should take on this? TIA
    <p id=”yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1518182238123_87855″>Critical Problems:</p>
    <p id=”yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1518182238123_87856″>* The Plugin “Huge IT Image Gallery” has been removed from</p>

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    alan egan

    Were you using the Huge IT image gallery plugin?

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    It is an active plug-in on my site….Foo Gallery and Lightbox is active too… Maybe I installed it by mistake???? My photos are still there so I’m nervous to touch anything!! 🙂 You think I should delete the HugeIT image gallery or will it just deactivate itself?

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    alan egan

    I don’t believe that it’s a plugin that I recommended. Try deactivating it first. If the site is unaffected then delete it.

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    Thank you, Alan!! Deleted and all still good!!! Appreciate the help! 🙂

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