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SiteGround vs WordPress Domains?

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This topic contains 5 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by  Judy 9 months, 3 weeks ago.

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    Lina Yeo-Blake

    Hi all,

    I’m new here and believe I have missed something in the learning video on domain names.  I have an existing domain (setup through WordPress) but have since found that I had committed “owner domain name suicide” 🙂 and would like to buy a new domain name going forward.

    I understand from the videos (+ feedback in this forum) that SiteGround provides great service so I should separately go to SiteGround site instead of the Add Domain option in WordPress to purchase my new domain?  Please correct my understanding because it seemed too easy to proceed with the Add Domain in WordPress.  Thank you!


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    Remi Thackrey

    Hi Lina,

    Great to have you here. I saw some of the posts you have added. Good stuff.

    In response to your question, go straight to siteground and register your new domain with them. Otherwise you will end up paying a transfer fee further down the line. Also that way everything is on one place and your renewal dates correspond.


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    Lina Yeo-Blake

    Hi Remi

    Yes, was happy to see a familiar face here too 🙂  I must say Alan’s video’s are simple to understand, rich and logically structured – great stuff!

    Just got off a call with WordPress because I signed up a Business Plan just to install Vacation Soup, but luckily I can cancel that so I will now register a new domain name with Siteground and start a “fresh” with them!  Seems to be a huge saving too 🙂  Thanks!

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    Hi all, trying to decide on a domain name & “think” i’ve got one.  Question is if I decide I want to change it can I & should I sign up with GoGeek to be able to do so?



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    alan egan

    Hello Judy,

    You can change domain name at any time. You don’t need Go Geek to do this. Go Geek’s main advantage is that you can make staging copies. This is super handy for making changes to your site without working on the live version


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    Great thanks Alan!!

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