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Sitting on the fence! why are some of us ….

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This topic contains 2 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Clare Cambridge 1 year, 3 months ago.

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    Because of a some dissatisfaction within a group on Facebook to do with accommodation which I wont bore you with it meant over a period of 24hrs I received 15 private messages of support. In my replies and thank you’s without exception I mentioned about this interesting concept Vacation Soup. Its interesting to note 11 of these people (total strangers to me) replied and said they are sitting on the fence awaiting to see how Vacation Soup pans out. So its encouraging in a way that it has reached people that are interested  but why are we sitting on the fence, can anything more be done to make us jump?

    I often search on VS for properties and I do wish it had more of a global feel , when I asked family to play with VS they all said they thought it was just US holidays. I ask can the site be made to feel more global on the landing page?

    But who am I to speak I have not yet paid my subs I am dithering, personally I am not daunted by the blogs , I love the concept . I have paid no advertising fees anywhere this last 18 months , we charge just £390 per week , open only May until end of September . The only dates now available is all of August and 2 weeks in July. Should I be thinking the subs are now an investment for 2019? 12 months will be all but 2 weeks income, I could do with some feedback please. Do others have similar dilemmas.

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    alan egan

    Hello Jenny,

    This is somewhat chicken and egg. As more Europeans sign up it will become more European. Without European owners it will seem more American.

    Also, if you sign up and get 12 more members to sign up in the next 12 months you’ll get your money back

    I have just posted this article to show some real data regarding exposure that will hopefully nudge you off the fence.

    Google’s Loving The Taste Of Vacation Soup​

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    Clare Cambridge

    Jenny I’m about to sign up and I’m in the UK 🙂


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