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So exited to be part of the soup!

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    Karen Knutsen

    Firstly, I have to say that we are so excited to be part of the soup! I think it’s a brilliant idea. I firmly believe we are definitely stronger together. Today I wanted to share how thrilled I was to come across one of the articles I wrote on The Soup Facebook Page. However, when I clicked on the link and it brought me to The Soup website, the embedded google map and video I shared did not show up on The Soup version. Just curious if I did something wrong?
    Cheers & best regards,
    Thanks again to The Soup Team, you guys are great!

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    alan egan

    Hello Karen,

    Were are glad to have you on board.
    Wordpress strips out any iframe code when it comes to the soup. You can add video just by adding the youtube url (on it’s own line of text). If you search the forum you can see more on this.

    We haven’t worked out the maps issue yet but you could add a screenshot instead of embed code

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    Karen Knutsen

    Cheers Alan! As usual you are a rockstar and a wealth of knowledge!

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    Hi Karen,

    Shortcodes can not be used in posts because shortcodes are very specific to your own site, and will not work when they are syndicated.

    If you want to include a map at the moment, a picture of the map of the location would be the best way, however we will be adding more mapping functionality to the plugin in the future.


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