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    Ok, I need help understanding Social Media links from Vacation Soup. I thought the VS plugin sent out posts to our other sites. When I downloaded it, didn’t it ask you to add Facebook page and Pinterest pages etc? But now it’s sounding like you need a seperate paid plug in to actually do that? In the plugin, under the connect tab – a status box comes up on the right, with “Social Posting” listed. Always shows a broken link for me. What’s that about?

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    alan egan

    Hello Sherene,

    As a paid-up member of the soup your posts are being syndicated to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and Stumbleupon and I will be adding more platforms. and instances (like retweets)

    This syndication happens through the Vacation Soup social network.

    We were hoping to have auto syndication through the plugin but we have had to put that on hold for now as other developments take priority.

    You can set up auto syndication from your site with a number of plugins or services.

    SNAP is a very good option. The free version will post to FB and Twitter. The paid option (around $50 a year) will post to anywhere.

    Other options are Buffer, IFTTT, Zapier and a number of other plugins.

    I hope that helps clarify the current situation


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    Thanks for that. Will the reposting from the plugin be coming down the VS pipeline at some point then?

    Also, Is there any way to categorize blog posts on my web page so all the “Restaurant” info ends up in one place and all of the “Hikes” end up in another? Ideally a grid with 4-6 headings, open one and all the pertinent blog posts are there. I have always disliked blogs for that very reason of one big long trailing string of unrelated posts.

    Or at very least is there a “Search” bar I am missing?


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