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Some things missing from my WP dashboard when comparing the video

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Some things missing from my WP dashboard when comparing the video


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      Having a senior moment no doubt but having all but completed my site following the videos when it comes to editing the Menu re destination I follow exact and go to Menus in Appearances dashboard and there is no destination menu but it is on the website, is there another way of editing menu so I see the destination and can change it as advised on Alans video, please. Also I dont have any social widgets on the site but not so important. Thank you in anticipation for help. But when you look at live website I have more than it shows in this dashboard picture …

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      Avataralan egan

      You are looking at the footer menu. You need to select the primary menu in the dropdown (near the top of your screenshot

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      Ahhh***  definite senior moment. Thank you. In the morning its setting the email in C panel then a completion of a few extra pictures and its finished . Then its blog mode and more videos me thinks. Thanks again. At 23:34 hrs with us I have done enough now. Good night.

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      AvatarMatt Elder

      I did the same thing at first. I think it is set to footer by default. I’d pulled the menu together to look like the header… then had to undo it all.

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      Thank you for both the question and answer. Another ‘to do’ box ticked!


Viewing 4 reply threads
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