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Submit a review – Is password protection necessary

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    Hi – I’m in the process of building out my site and going through the course. I have a question about the Submit a Review page. In the course video, Alan instructs to set the view to password protected. Does this mean that I need to provide a password to my guests when I provide the review link?

    If so, why wouldn’t I just set the link to private and remove it from the menu, then just provide the link only to those who I’d like to have it?

    Before I proceed, I’d like to check whether that’s advisable or not.

    Thank you!


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    I believe the purpose of the password is for only those that have actually stayed at your unit can a review therefore a password is needed. You dont have to have one if you want anyone to post on your website. I can also tell you others will try to access your website, purchase the added protection against such events. You do not want to hide or set the reviews link to private. You want traffic to come to your site and enter the password. They work nicely hand in hand, when a review is entered you are notified one was received.


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    Thanks – I figured out how to hide the page from the menu so I can simply send my guests a link without requiring them to submit a password. I don’t want to create a barrier for guests submitting reviews.

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