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This topic contains 8 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by  Francis Wallinger 9 months, 2 weeks ago.

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    Hi All- Can someone please point me to where I can find out how to sync my vacation soup post to my facebook page?  TIA

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    Maria Lamb

    Hi – I use to sinc postings.

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    Thanks, Maria. I clicked on Zapier and it was  a bit over my head.  I was hoping to do it through vacation soup which I am having enough trouble learning.  🙂  I did share it from VS’s FB page to my page but I found it had a lower reach than if I shared from my own page. Also doing it that way I was unable to edit it. I realized  I uploaded a photo with a date in the middle of it.  I could change in the post itself but not in the link. Does anyone know if VS posts are editable?  Thanks!

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    alan egan

    This may do the job Susan

    Facebook Auto Publish

    There are others – just search wordpress to facebook plugin


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    Okay, after watching tutorials, reading several articles  and giving it my best shot I am conceding defeat… Just too confusing for me. I could not get past the setting up FB application part. Is this something that Vacation Soup will automate in the future?



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    We had hoped to launch with at least facebook and twitter, but it is immensely complex as you have found. Believe it or not the current process is the simplest we could find, and as I am sure you are aware that is outside our control, but we will revisit that in future.

    Can you be more specific as to what the problem is, someone on here may be able to help.


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    Probably my biggest problem is a short attention span 🙂  Trying to create the FB app confused me and I just decided to forget about it.  i can more easily just repost to FB.  Also, maybe syncing isn’t that important. I sometimes post something on FB that I am happy to have only posted on FB. Which brings me to my next question on another issue…  Thanks, Susan


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    I did get Facebook Auto Publish plugin working (setting up the Facebook app was new to me too and I was amazed when it did worked!) but I soon turned it off again.  Two main reasons. First I’m not very good leaving my posts alone. I’d go in an edit one and it would automatically get published to Facebook again.  So I’d have to go into Facebook and delete it. Secondly I have a Social Media plugin which adds share icons for Facebook and Twitter to my website.  It’s quick and easy to use this myself to publish a post to Facebook and means I can add a sentence or two with whatever I want to say (e.g. Blog Alert!), hashtags etc.

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      I think we have all been there, the number of times I revisit and correct posts on this forum alone is shocking.

      However, we should think of clicking Publish as a final act. Job done. On to the next. The fact that we can change it does not mean that we should.

      This is partly for efficiency – the sooner you move on to thinking about new posts the sooner you complete them, but it’s also because Publish means Show The World – and we do, distributing the post at least 15 times, and your edits, unless made in the first few minutes after posting, will not be included.

      Pruning and improving I try to keep to before Publish, only correcting factual errors after I have said “Publish, and be damned”.

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