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Testimonials in pending status. How to approve?

Home Forums New to forums? Testimonials in pending status. How to approve?

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    Hey all,

    I’ve got my first review “testimonial” that came in but I don’t know how to approve it so that it posts along with the rest of the reviews.  I saw where others mentioned the shortcode confirmation.  I checked that and the shortcode is specified.  I also saw a few folks mention some speed boost plug in that needed updating.  I don’t see where I even have a speed boost plugin.  Any ideas?



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    alan egan

    Hello Aris,

    Go the the pending review and you will see an ‘approve’ option (I think it’s near a delete or mark as spam option0. I can’t do a screenshot as I don’t have any pending reviews.

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    Thanks Alan.  That’s just it.  There is no ‘approve option’ in that pull down menu where I’d expect it.

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    If you do a quick edit, off to the right there is a pull down menu where you can select STATUS “Published” and then update.

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