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Tips for choosing Fiverr authors

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This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Pedro Tavares 1 year, 8 months ago.

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    Pedro Tavares

    I ordered a piece for one of my bucket list items from Fiverr. It’s the first time I used the service. I chose an author that had a 4.9 rating with 364 reviews for $10 that showed up when I clicked on “English.”


    The piece is a disaster. I didn’t notice when I ordered but when you click on a profile there’s a “From” for the author where this one states Nigeria. Whoops again. All I read was her description which states:

    “As an article writer, I pride myself in my ability to write detailed, well-informed blog articles on my clients’ subject matters. All my articles are researched thoroughly and are 100% my own original writing. I’ve been creating web content for my highly satisfied clients for years. Order Now!!!”

    I highly doubt the person that wrote that description is the same person that wrote the mess I received. I suggest everyone pay attention to the “From” and you can probably save yourself a $10 mistake.

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    alan egan

    Hello Pedro,

    Sorry to hear that. I can’t say that that hasn’t happened to me, because it has.

    It’s somewhat annoying, more so because of the waste of time than the money spent.

    Better luck next time.


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    Pedro Tavares

    I’m sure there’s a trial and error process. I opted to take it to resolution with fiverr and was refunded the $10. Now to choose another author.

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