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To develop the Soup in different regions- and Happy Holidays

Home Forums The Soup To develop the Soup in different regions- and Happy Holidays

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    Well, I’m right now in a relaxed moment ( in Italy the day after Christmas is as well an holiday ) , taking care  of the website, the listings etc. and I was wondering if there is a way to create a little group of people in my region ( Sicily ) to obtain a better visibility in “the Soup”. Is there a way to build a project about this? What I mean is having even 10-20 people posting about Sicily and creating an interest in the Soup. The idea could also be used for other places.

    To contextualize, Sicily is an Italian region, with a strong touristic  identity ( comparable to Tuscany, Campania etc. ) that is usually chosen for its art, sea, food and nature. In my house people come usually from Europe ( Germany France and UK plus some from Sweden, Norway etc. ) and for a 20-30% from U.S. and Canada.

    I really like the project of Vacation Soup, the idea of driving interest to your property by creating  contents about the area and about activities to do in the area. For me it was anyway  difficult to  post in a regular way, not being a mother tongue. Having a bigger group that produces posts could  make things easier.

    What do Alan and Francis think about this? Are there any other owners that could be interested in something similar in their areas and region?

    Let me know and of course ….Happy Holidays !!

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    alan egan

    Seasons greetings.

    This is a great idea and something that we would encourage with all our heart. This applies to all locations.

    The more properties and the more content from one region the better.

    You will get more exposure and you (and the other owners) don’t need to write as much.

    If you can find new owners and bring them to the soup I would be happy to assist in any way that will help (by providing group discount, content calendars, etc).

    Just let me know how I can be of assistance

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    Thank you Alan, I will try to see a way to encourage this and I may write you again.

    In the mean time if anyone else wants to share some ideas I will be very happy. The ideas could probably work in other areas using some corrections. It would be necessary to have a kind of net of owners in the same area or region.

    Sicily is a very big island, 25830 square Km and about 5.000.000 inhabitants. We have a lot of different areas, but of course for tourists coming from abroad, Sicily is the brand that people know while it would be difficult to have someone looking on Google for Mongerbino, which is the area where the villa is.

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