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Trouble with videos posted in the Soup

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This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Cathleen Caszatt 1 month ago.

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    Cathleen Caszatt

    Hello All;  I’m having issues with my video posts in VS.  I’m getting white or empty space underneath the video and then the post continues.  Why?  The video appears on my site o.k.

    Also, when posted to the Soup, the video does not appear, but the text for the youtube URL does.  Is this correct?  I then edit the post in the Soup & copy the text for the youtube URL and add media and insert URL.  However, a warning appears that your post may contain shortcodes that fail when syndicated.

    Am I inserting videos into a post correctly?  I’m inserting in Elementor.  Also, Francis mentioned that Facebook does not like their videos shared off the site.  How are you embedding a Facebook video?

    Finally, my last 2 posts did not have Travel Tip created by Cat Caszatt in association with Vacation Soup.  Again, is this normal?

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    There are several reasons why videos may not ‘play nice’. We are currently investigating a problem with videos displaying in the Soup, so your picture shows. This is our end, not yours, and when we have that fixed it should all be OK. The issue is related to a lazy loader we are using.

    I have just tested one using my preferred method. I will firstly cover that, and then mention some of the reasons why it may not work.

    Wordpress’ recommended route to inserting videos is to put the URL, copied straight from the browser, on a line on its own in your post. I personally put a blank line before and after just to be safe.

    This example is using the waiter to create the post, but it should work in core WordPress or Elementor as well.



    The most common issues with videos are inserting the embed code instead of the URL, or that the Theme or a plugin mess around with it. We are aware of some issues with Divi for instance.

    You need to use the WordPress “on a line on its own, just the url” method, and we will fix our display problem.

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    Cathleen Caszatt

    Thank you Francis and Alan;  I’ve played around with a practice post in the waiter plugin with Francis suggestion and IT worked.  Ah, why didn’t I reach out earlier to the community?  Instead, I kept trying different things and got more frustrated by the hour.  I appreciate what y’all do for us.

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