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    Is anyone using IFTTT to automate post to their social media accounts and if so, would you share how you set it up?

    I’m trying but can’t seem to figure out how to link my blog (which isn’t recognized as a WP blog).

    Thanks in advance,


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    alan egan

    I recommend using the SNAP plugin by nextscripts.

    Just follow their documentation. The free version syndicates to FB and Twitter – The paid version (around $50 a year) syndicates to anywhere you can think of (and has extra functions like the delaying of post syndication)

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    Ok, thanks!  I’ll try that.

    What I found out is that the error message from IFTTT that I got is very common but no one really knows how to fix it. It’s for privately hosted WP blogs.

    I contacted Siteground and they don’t support the solution but pointed me in the direction. It was a rabbit hole to follow down to get it fixed and it was getting late so I gave up.

    It involves enabling the XML-RPC, way outside of my  pay grade.

    Thanks Alan!

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    Just tried SNAP, failed miserably. It’s WAY over my head. Isn’t there an easier system than creating an app. I followed the instructions step by step and I get to the end and get an error message.

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    alan egan

    You could add a social share plugin and share manually (by actually sharing but in order to automate it you will need something more “complicated”.

    Have another run through tomorrow. Snap is very good so it’s worth the effort.

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    I made it all the way through SNAP until it comes to listing the URL and URi on the Facebook side? Not sure what to put in those boxes. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try again but for now I stuck my tongue out at it and disabled it in a fit of frustration.


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    alan egan

    Can you send some screenshots

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    Sure!  That’s a good idea. I’ll try and tackle this again in a little bit. Thanks!!

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    I am struggling with SNAP as well. Accidentally hit a “skip” button at the end of the process, where the instructions say “do Not Skip” Ugh, I was so close! Not sure how to fix. So now tried just removing the account and starting over but it says I already have one…. sigh. Now just all kinds of error messages. I’ve made a proper mess.


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    alan egan

    Hang in there Sherene

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    With Snap for every type of account you add there is a link on how to set up on the social media end. Follow these exactly and you won’t go wrong.

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