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Version 1.0.19 Plugin

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This topic contains 19 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by  Francis Wallinger 10 months, 1 week ago.

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    1.0.19 adds the feature to conceal your posts from Vacation Soup, released 14th April 2018

    1.0.18 is a minor patch to fix problems with Pixabay, released 26th March 2018

    1.0.17 is a minor patch on the previous release to fix a conflict with WordFence.

    We have released a major upgrade to the WordPress plugin, 1.0.16, The Waiter.

    If you would like to suggest improvements, or have any issues, please reply to this topic.

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    Can you post a link to Alan’s Foodie video, it’s so tiny on the plugin page. Thanks Francis!


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      Hi Laurie,

      The video is here:


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    Rae-Marie May

    <h3>Background Request Blocked</h3>

    I updated this morning and every time I do anything on the Creator this pop-up appears.  I just keep hitting dismiss and it goes away.  What’s up?

    Wordfence Firewall blocked a background request to WordPress for the URL /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=soup_create. If this occurred as a result of an intentional action, you may consider whitelisting the request to allow it in the future.


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      This is happening because WordFence is trying to stop post synchronisation. When you see the message do you get an option to Whitelist the request? It is safe to allow it.


      • #6955

        Rae-Marie May

        Once I whitelisted, it would allow me to publish.  Probably should let people know it’s okay to whitelist.

        • #6956

          Thank you for that and for sharing the error message Rae-Marie, much appreciated as always. I will add that to the release notes.

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    Rae-Marie May

    PS  The Preview button is not working.  It goes to a blog with a random title and no content.  The Draft button is dim.  I usually hit draft first and go to Worpress to do the SEO and preview before publishing.

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      Hi Rae-Marie,

      I am sorry you always seem to find problems, its a special skill.

      My goal is that most users don’t need to leave the Vacation Soup page to manage their posts. This is for a good reason, as we want to launch the waiter on it’s own for Wix and Weebly users. If you have a need to use the wordpress editor (other than these faults) please tell me, as I would like to include it.

      On the preview issue, could you help me please by sending me to URLs.

      1. The page it sends you to with the random title and no content
      2. The URL it takes you to when you preview the post from the WordPress post editor

      I can see already that for the SEO you would need to switch to WordPress, so I will look at incorporating that. Which SEO tool do you use?

      Thanks again,


      • #6959

        Rae-Marie May

        Oh dear.  I hate to be the one who finds problems.  It’s probably because I’m so excited to see any updates from you and Alan that I’m always one of the first to try something out.  At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        When I couldn’t Publish I went back and whitelisted the window that kept popping up every time I tried to do something on my Vacation Soup post.  Then I tried to Publish and it worked.  I wish I had gone back and tried to Preview or Draft before publishing so I would know if the whitelist cleared up those problems as well.

        Prior to whitelisting, the Draft button was dim and the Preview took me to my website with a blank vacation soup post page with one of the trending titles.  I don’t have the URL because I didn’t keep it.  Fortunately it did not delete my post (although it changed around a couple of my photos).  After I published I went to POSTS in WordPress and there was a random post title saved but honestly I don’t know if it had the same title as the one that came up under Preview.  It probably did.  I deleted it.

        The reason I always went to WordPress to post was because of the Preview and SEO.  Now you have the Preview so that’s great.  I use Yoast SEO like Alan recommended in his first videos.  It helps me find areas to improve, although after all this time I don’t need it as much.  It also lists a place for the Focus Keyword, which to be honest, I always struggle with.  I don’t know how important SEO is anymore anyway.

        On another note, I still can’t figure out how to change the Featured Image in Vacation Soup.

        Thanks, as always, for your help and advise.

        • #6961

          Hi Rae-Marie,

          In order to change the Featured Image, if you click on it the image you should get a dialog to replace the image. Could you try this for me please?

          I do think the WordFence whitelisting was the main issue in your case. It’s a domino thing – the wordfence failure caused the Draft button to be greyed out etc. I have changing the release notes to highlight the WordFence issue, I really appreciate the heads-up.

          • #6964

            Rae-Marie May

            When I click on the Feature Photo it takes me to Pixabay.  I can go to the Media Library from there but I can’t figure out how to choose a photo from there and make it the Feature Photo instead of the one I originally chose.

            • #6969

              Hi Rae-Marie,

              I have made a new release that fixes a potential conflict with WordFence. Would you mind updating and seeing if this fixes your problem as well?


            • #6971

              On the Pixabay issue, the license we were using has expired, I am creating a new version that enables you to register with Pixabay so everyone is individually licensed.

  • #6967

    alan egan

    If you want to change a featured image you can go to the standard WP post editor (posts, all posts and the post that you want to edit) and change it there.


  • #6975

    Something in the update is causing it to be buggy today for me. I had a blank post open from yesterday and started writing a new post on that page earlier this morning. The ‘Draft’ button was grayed out so I couldn’t save my work. So I copy/pasted the title and text into a blank email (like clipboard) and reloaded the page. When I did that I got the VS post page but it was pre-filled in with yesterday’s post about poke.

    I logged out of WP, cleared cookies, logged back in, logged into VS plugin and it’s still showing with yesterday’s post ‘ingredients’

    I don’t want to delete and try again for fear it will effect the original post from yesterday.

    screenshot of how a new page is loading.

    • #6977

      alan egan

      We are looking into this as per our live chat Laurie

      • #6979

        Thanks Alan!  So I went ahead and wrote the blog post in the WP editor and then saved the draft. I then opened the VS plugin and could see the post draft over on the right hand column. I clicked the edit button and added in the lat/long data and clicked draft even though it was showing as grayed out. Lo and behold that cleared the poke post info and gave me a clean slate again. Perhaps just a one time gremlin? At any rate it’s working as it should be now.

        Thanks!! Cheers,


  • #7134

    Rae-Marie May

    Hi Again,

    No problems here.  Just wanted you to be aware that when I go to Vacation Soup to write a blog and click on “I’ll write my own” my finished blog shows up in the WordPress post list (as a draft or published, whichever I choose) as it should.  However, whatever random title that was showing when I went to Vacation Soup is also saved as a draft in the list.  I just delete it, but I thought you might want to know that this is happening, at least to me.


    • #7146

      Thanks Rae-Marie, I was unable to clean that up in the release I have just done, but I will look at that for the next one.


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