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Video replacement on template

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This topic contains 4 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  Stuart B 1 year, 1 month ago.

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    Stuart B


    Happy Christmas everyone!  Yes I’m so into this site that I’m trying to build my first ever website using Alan’s brilliant template on Christmas Day morning (children haven’t even noticed I’ve disappeared).  Anyway the only problem I’m having is replacing the original template video as NO PENCIL icon appears in the top right hand corner. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong please?


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    alan egan

    It is addictive isn’t it.

    If you click on the video you should see the pencil icon.

    I would suggest adding a new video by dragging a video widget into the page but you would still need to see the pencil icon on the original in order to delete it

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    Stuart B

    Unfortunately no pencil 🙈 Sorry I’m obviously missing something


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    Matt Elder

    Are you able to post a screenshot? I’m assuming you are editing in Elementor and not just solely looking at the page.

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    Stuart B

    Hooray fixed it!

    Contacted siteground who were able to help (thanks Alan for recommendation, support was excellent), the chap looked at my site and copied and pasted a link to compare what he saw compared to me………he wasn’t able to fix the issue, but his link showed he used firefox as his browser compared to my use of google chrome. So when I used a different browser……hay presto…it worked.

    Another learning point, and loving this site, community spirit, and my website is coming along nicely.

    Thanks to all, hope you all had a great Christmas



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