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Waiter plug in and concealing outdates posts

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    I have asked about concealing older posts and I do understand the waiter plug in allows for this.  i also know I have installed it.  I have no idea how to find it you and edit my posts to conceal them.  Hate asking for help but just to frustrated at this point to keep looking.


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    Here’s how you go back and conceal posts.

    First go into the plugin create screen.

    then find your post by scrolling through the list on the right

    When you find your post, click on the edit button

    And then conceal the post



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    Thanks, Francis.  Got it finally!  I appreciate the help.  Next up on my wish list is cleaner locations.  I have corrected my longitude but there are still homes in France and Florida as nearby accommodations for St John.


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    I am releasing the fixes to that over the next few days.

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    Great news, Francis.  Refreshing to work with people who actually listen to feedback.


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