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We have a completed site!

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    Thank you for all the videos – we are very happy to say that all content is loaded and functional. Before we join the soup officially, could a pro look it over and let us know if it’s fit to share? I realize it’s a rough draft, but would love to understand next steps. We’re covering a lot of new ground.

    Thank you!
    Katherine Johnson

    PS. Our site

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    Katherine! That looks fantastic.

    It is clear you have done a lot of work, surmounted the problems you had and built a stunning VR site for your parents.

    As the ‘pro’, I will leave any final advice to Alan, as finished sites is his strong suit, but brilliant job.


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    Thank you, Francis!  I think I have learned just enough to be dangerous. 🙂  Cheers to all your help and guidance.  I think we should all enjoy a tropical cocktail (or the gin and tonic Alan mentions in the video).


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    Hi Katherine, I just got a chance to scroll through your new site. Well done! It really looks beautiful.


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    Thank you, Sherene!! I apologize for the late response…I haven’t been able to log in, but the password issue (probably me!) has been fixed and I’m so happy to be back.


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    Linda Gonzalez

    My site is also 90-95% done:
    How do I get it to show on the “Finished Sites” wall of honor?

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    alan egan

    Wow. What a fantastic site. So emotive and full of beautiful touches. Love the top 6 titles on the homepage. Very emotive.Love the video on that page too. The quotes above each of the top 10 recommendations are also a lovely addition. Top class

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    alan egan

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