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Where are my posts? Impossible for travelers to find them!

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This topic contains 3 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Birgit 1 year, 2 months ago.

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    When I type in “Venice Florida” at “Where to stay” – I get a list of several posts – all of other areas. My own posts do not show!

    Shouldn’t our posts show up when a traveler is looking for our area? Why are there posts from Kissimmee, Panama City and so on? Hundreds of miles away!

    Even when you klick at the marker where my property is, just ONE of my 44 posts shows up – and under my post “articles nearby” from other properties! I expected that my other posts show when a traveler is interested in what I wrote!

    Only when you zoom in very large, you can find 6 other postings from me on the map.

    This is very confusing. Not good for me as an active writer. I am disappointed.


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    alan egan

    Francis has just rebuilt the map program as it had some conflict issues. He is fine tuning as we speak. I’ll let you know when it’s completed

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    Hi Birgit,

    I apologise for that, I made a mistake yesterday when I was adjusting the settings during the installation. I have corrected the wrong posts issue. There is still an issue on Search, when you search “Venice, FL, USA” it has the wrong zoom, so will show posts for all of Florida, I am working on that issue currently

    I will come back to you when it is working properly, and I am sorry for the inconvenience.


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    Ok, thanks Francis. I am looking forward to 🙂

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