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WordPress Stuck after Soup-Stock-release plugin install fail

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website WordPress Stuck after Soup-Stock-release plugin install fail

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    This is what ALL my admin pages display now… no “okay”, no “proceed” …nothing else (???)


    This after installing WP on a fresh Siteground account, through their c_panel.

    and yes, I noticed that Jetpack was installed by default.

    What am I supposed to do now? uninstall WP and start over?

    Do you have a simplified Checklist for experienced WordPress users & developers?

    Your videos are fine for beginners, but largely a waste of time & attention for me.

    (Admin/Developer for this client)



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    The first very thing I did was attempt to install your plugin.

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    After not hearing back, i deleted all WordPress files and folders, and reinstalled WordPress. (forced to create a new database)

    When Dashboard access to the new install was established, I disabled the two default SiteGround plugins (Jetpack & SG Optimizer) and deleted the two Autommatic plugins (Akismet & Hello Dolly).

    I was then able to successfully install the (robust) plugin.

    NOW i am finally able see what you guys are up to!

    also, I notice that SG Optimizer is back and activated by default, and Akismet is there again, but rightfully not activated.

    BUT no Jetpack to be found. (?)

    So, I’m assuming any more plugins are verboten? Is that correct?

    Michael Kirk, webmaster


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      The initial install is the only place where things are restricted, once installed, you can add / remove plugins or themes to your hearts content (although clearly removing any active  plugin will stop some functionality working).

      The reason for the restriction is to make sure that we can safely test that it is being installed on a clean unused site, for safety.


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    Ron Woytowich

    I also got a failure. looks like when the script is trying to talk to GitHub site it fail

    <h1>Unrecoverable error during installation</h1>
    This WordPress is now likely to be corrupted, a new Installation is necessary.

    Error running shell command: curl -Lo stock.tar.gz

        [0] => Array
                [when] => Sat Nov 25 7:23:43 UTC 2017
                [command] => mkdir pre-vs
                [ex] => cd /mounted-storage/home11a/sub001/sc16670-EVQY/ && mkdir pre-vs 2>&1
                [output] => Array
                [return] => 0
        [1] => Array
                [when] => Sat Nov 25 7:23:43 UTC 2017
                [command] => mv *  pre-vs || true
                [ex] => cd /mounted-storage/home11a/sub001/sc16670-EVQY/ && mv *  pre-vs || true 2>&1
                [output] => Array
                [return] => 0
        [2] => Array
                [when] => Sat Nov 25 7:23:43 UTC 2017
                [command] => curl -Lo stock.tar.gz
                [ex] => cd /mounted-storage/home11a/sub001/sc16670-EVQY/ && curl -Lo stock.tar.gz 2>&1
                [output] => Array
                        [0] => sh: 1: curl: not found
                [return] => 127
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      Hi Ron,

      I am sad to hear of your problems, I hope I can help.

      It would appear that you are not using siteGround for your hosting, is this correct?

      If so, you may need help from your hosting provider to install The Stock, as it depends on their setup and we can provide instructions for them.


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    alan egan

    Hello Michael, hello Ron,

    Sorry that you are having problems, I’ve asked Francis to have a look into this


  • #5345

    That’s fine, early bugs & glitches are to be expected.

    But I still have questions:

    1. Will adding our own Plugins be a problem? is that forbidden? (as you instruct to delete any installs the host may execute?)
    2. Do you have a “pro checklist”? (that is: a simplified set of conditions to meet and steps to take for experienced WordPress users and developers)

    for instance, just pointing out that soup-stock-release is a Plugin, and not a Theme would have saved me some time and confusion. And then, something like “deacivate all Plugins before installing the soup-stock-release Plugin!” — there are going to be more admins like me who will just plunge in and muck about, I predict.

    Thanks, Cheers

    • #5346

      Hello Michael, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

      You are right to say that our approach to instructions is to make them very non-tech, and we are missing an expert guide for experienced users.

      The installer actually removes the existing installation of wordpress and replaces it with a fresh downloaded install of wordpress and all the plugins it needs. As it is destructive it is very careful to check that it is not being installed on a live site by accident. It checks that there is only one user, no pages, one post (the demo post) and that no plugins have been added. We then discovered that siteground have several wordpress installers that pre-install differing numbers of plugins so it only checks now that there are 2 or less active plugins on starting.

      Once it has installed the stock you have no limitations about adding plugins or extending the site as much as you like, it is a standard wordpress with auto-updater.

      We will look at what is needed for a pro checklist, and thank you for your support.



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    Francis, Thank You for that explanation, clears up a lot of things.

    Yes, SiteGround added 2 Plugins, and I assume the WordPress install (even through SG’s Cpanel) came with 2 also (Hello Dolly & Akismet).

    Being able to add my own Plugins as time goes on is crucial to me! So, very good news there.

    I’m already learning more about the neverending world of WordPress as I explore and ponder your very robust package of tools.

    And clearly, your marketing skills are of great value here! (I am just a Designer/Developer)

    Looking forward to building out our website and growing right along with your venture.


  • #6750

    Just encountered this problem when installing the plugin as well

    Vacation Soup Stock Installation Failed

    The only active plugins must be Vacation Soup Stock and the SiteGround defaults of Jetpack and SG Optimizer. If your hosting provider automatically installs a plugin on a new installation, it must be deactivated.

    The easiest solution I found was to log into your host C panel and go to your WordPress files. You’ll find the plugin files, and you can delete the free website plugin instead of deleting WordPress and reinstalling it. Be sure to deactivate the other plugins before reinstalling the free website again!

    Here is an example on how to get there on HostGator.

    Thanks for this great place and all of these great resources!


    • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by Avatar staynorthern.
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    Not sure how to tag staynorthern, but I too am using HostGator and started my site last year (when I had more time) and SiteGround was SUGGESTED, but since I already had WP with HostGator, just stayed with them.

    Figured out how to do SSL, and to disable all the plugins before installing the stock, and upgrading php to 7.1 (cannot get 7.2 yet), and by necessity, how to blow away installs and databases to restart. Now I’m having an issue with getting the database to create completely.

    I now see that we cannot get any help if we don’t use Siteground. I don’t think my issue is related to HostGator, but I cannot get the basic database to install because it is using utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci in SOME of the databases rather than the more usual utf8mb4_unicode_ci. SO I YouTubed how to change the db script to replace the _520_ code in the offending tables, and reinstalled a fresh WP and plugin, but have not activated the plugin as that is where the problem is.

    I am looking for the .sql script BEFORE it runs so I can replace it, but cannot find it. One i start the activation of the plugin, I’m dead in the water and cannot do anything on my site and have to blow it all away again.

    Can someone tell me how they go around the utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci issue???

    • #7681


      NB: Contains Very Technical details for Admin/Technicians to get around errors

      I apologise for the response delay, a rare weekend off. Our first installer, as you have worked out, is a replace-whole-site installer that tries really hard to make sure it does not trash an existing real site and is therefore prone to fall over and die like that for safety. As an aside, as soon as we have the time or volunteers this process should be changed to a Theme, as that would work on any hosting platform and would get away with these issues.

      To get you going as a I revisit a longer term solution, here are some links to public repos:

      The Installer

      Checks that it is not an existing live site and overwrites it with the archived complete Soup Stock.

      The Stock

      This is the complete stock that replaces your live site (which can then be unpacked and examined)

      Raw SQL (relative path in The unpacked Stock) wp-content/plugins/soup-release-master/current/stock.sql

      This is the pre-localised SQL. We carry out the following on the SQL which you will need to do as well as changing to your preferred locale):

      1. The only file kept from the old WP installation is wp-config.php. We take the pre-existing wp-config (for salts etc) and set the $table_prefix to vsoup_ (here). I know this is not the SQL but it is relevant.
      2. We replace every occurrence of ‘’ with your domain (here). Please note the schema has to be https.

      Please can you tell me how this goes?


  • #7705

    Hi Francis,

    Thank you for the information. I am technical, but am not clear on what steps I need to take with the files you have provided?

    Do I:

    1. download the php files from soup-stock and put them in a temp folder on my main site
    2. download and unpack the stock tar file
    3. Update the sql to change the lines causing problems
    4. Re zip the file and put it on my site in a temp folder
    5. Update the installer SoupStock.php line 60 to reference where I have put the stock
    6. then, what php file do I execute from the soup-stock folder on my site? or how do i get WP to kick off the install?




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