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WP User name and VS not the same!

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    I now see why there is an error I think! whilst completing the plugin details it tells me the user name is wrong. I checked with the link and an error popped up.

    I now realise that my Vacation Soup is NOT the same user name as my Word Press account below is my WP account name NOT my VS name. Is this the problem and how shall I change my VSoup  username

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    alan egan

    Yes, it needs to be your Vacation Soup username and password

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    Are you saying my Vacation Soup and Word Press User name and pass word should be identical?



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      No Jenny, they can be different and normally are.

      Chrome is rather overzealous when it tries to fill in fields, and when you go to the connect tab in Vacation Soup several users have had the same problem. To fix this, If you type your VS username (which in your case is your email address) and the VS password, they go green for a brief period while they are saving and then you should see the service checks on the right running.

      For your information we will be releasing a new plugin tonight (hopefully) which will require re-entering your credentials. This is because we are moving you to be connected to the live servers.

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    Thank you, feeling foolish! … just in case anyone else has had this happen. To correct this it took 9 attempts, in trying to remove the WP username and password that chrome decided I needed instead of what I really needed and that was VS ID . I kept getting error code in the end I first removed and re put in correct password for VS. Then took out one at a time ( not a swipe and remove as got error!) each letter from wrong user name when blank I then put in the user name ( not copy and paste) and then kept my fingers crossed and eureka I was attached to VS. But it took 9 attempts!

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    I am working on trying to improve this, I am sorry for the trouble but it will get better!


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    Hi Francis, I’m getting an error message ‘The username and password combination are not recognized’ while trying to set up the plug in.  I’ve double checked that the email is correct and I’ve only ever had one VS password and I’m still not able to log in. Any help?

    Thanks so much,


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