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GDPR and you

It is the height of irony that a European law, intended to reduce spam, is now by far the biggest cause of spam!

You will undoubtedly have received volumes of them, I personally have already cleared over 50.

Why so many, and why you? What does this all mean?

May 25th is the day the law comes into effect, and the maximum penalty for abusing personal data is roughly $4,000,000 (or 20% of turnover), so every company in Europe is cleaning out their databases.

Does this law affect you?

Yes. The law covers protection for every European citizen, wherever the data is held including in the U.S. and other parts of the world. As a small scale data owner (yes, that’s you if you have stored people’s email addresses) the risks are very limited, and obviously only apply if you have had EU citizens staying.

The most important part is that you know EU citizens data rights ensure your customers can exercise them. In the simplest terms this means for all your past customer data:

  • You can not email them unless they have ticked a box (not pre-ticked) to say you can hold their details and contact them
  • You cannot share their data with anyone without each person’s permission
  • If they want you to change anything or delete everything you must comply

More details about GDPR can be found here.


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