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Vacation Rental Styling

How to Create a Fabulous Bedroom Using These 19 Chic Finds From Cost Plus World Market

One thing our readers ask us again and again is “how do I design a fabulous bedroom without breaking my budget?”

It’s a great question because the reality is that too frequently when we are loving a dreamy bedroom we see on Instagram or a design blog, we find out that the individual components going into that fabulous bedroom, are attached to shocking price tags! $350 quilts and duvets, $195 pillows, and $500 table lamps; to make the pain even worse, those prices are often the sale prices.

Yeah, right!!!

We have entered fantasy land, dear Earthlings. Who wants to pay those prices? And who can?

The good news is it’s absolutely possible to create an Instagram worthy bedroom WITHOUT bludgeoning your wallet to death.

We’ll prove it to you.

Karen and I just styled a bedroom for a photoshoot. The house belongs to our lovely clients, Sarah and Joe. We decided to use mostly items from Cost Plus World Market.


Because Cost Plus World Market’s prices are awesomely appropriate for realistic budgets AND you don’t have to sacrifice style.

By the end of the photo shoot, after swapping and interchanging pillows, quilts, shams, table lamps, and lamp shades, we were pretty blown away with how many stunningly fantastic combinations were possible, all using the same budget-friendly items.

We’ll show you how we did it….

Step One: The Basics

First of all, we began with our go-to bed basics – white sheets, a white duvet cover with a comforter inside, and two stacked bed pillows for each guest. We specified a queen bed in this bedroom, but instead of standard pillows, we used kings to make the bedscape look fuller and more luxurious. People prefer king pillows by the way, so we recommend them for both queen and king beds.


STEP ONE: Two king pillows for each guest, white sheets and pillowcases, and a comforter in a white duvet cover.

Step 2: Begin Styling with one of the following two methods:

1. The Matched Bedding Set Method (best for beginners)

There are lots of ways to design an amazing bedscape, but let’s start off with the easiest method that’s fail proof and therefore best for beginners.

You start with a bedding set, which usually consists of a quilt and two matching shams.

In our first setup, we used Cost Plus World Market’s Gray Paisley Kantha Embroidered Ishani Quilt.

combined with the matching  Gray Paisley Kantha Embroidered Ishani Pillow Shams- Set Of 2

airbnb bedding

The Gray Paisley Kantha Embroidered Ishani Pillow Shams- Set Of 2 – look great with the matching quilt. $39.99

The next step is the absolutely critical part (and the extra bit that most people don’t bother with). If you don’t do this last bit, your bed will look unexceptional and boring:

You put at least one or two decorative pillows in between the two shams. We used a hot pink custom pillow with Peter Dunham’s Rajmata Tonal fabric and then placed this Cost Plus World Market darling in front – the Multicolor Fringe And Tassel Lumbar Pillow

airbnb bedding 1 chic retreat

One of our signature tricks for making a perfect bedscape is combining pattern on pattern. In this case we thought the Multicolor Fringe And Tassel Lumbar Pillow with the  hot pink Peter Dunham looked great against the paisley shams. $34.99

Here’s the finished bedscape….

building a bed for your airbnb

Matched Bedding Set Method – version #1

We couldn’t stop talking about how stunning the finished bed looked, how simple it was to do, and yet how sophisticated it turned out.

Stella, Sarah and Joe’s golden lab, also approved. We knew this because she NEVER poses for photos, but she did it for this bedroom setup.


airbnb furnishings

Stella was bound and determined to get her photo in front of the bed.

Ok, let’s talk a little about the table lamp on the nightstand.

One of the many things we love about World Market is they allow you to mix and match table lamp bases with different lamp shades. If you don’t like one, try another. Kinda like internet dating.

The White Capiz Teardrop Table Lamp Base is always a stunner but we find the basic shade super boring, so we paired it with this Indigo Tribal Embroidered Cotton Drum Table Lamp Shade and the result is so dynamic!

Now we’re not done with the Matched Bedding Set Method yet. Here’s the same chic result using different ingredients….

airbnb bedding 1 chic retreat

Matched Bedding Set Method – version #2

We used one of our all time favorite blues – indigo – in this fabulous Geometric Kantha Kashvi Quilt...

with the matching Indigo Geometric Kantha Kashvi Pillow Shams (Set Of 2).

Then we placed one pillow, – yes, one pillow works too, just make sure it stands out in a big way – a custom Raoul Textile beauty, in between the blue shams.

making an airbnb bed

Karen places the red Raoul Textile pillow in between the two blue shams, while I fold down the kantha quilt at the bottom. Voila!

We used the same White Capiz Teardrop Table Lamp Base but paired it with a totally different lamp shade, then we draped some glass beads over the front.

vacation rental bedding

For a similar look, consider World Market’s Mala Bead Prayer Necklaces.

Mala Bead Prayer Necklaces (Set Of 2) are great for draping over the fronts of table lamps for a singular look. $15.98

Oh, and let’s not forget about the storage basket on the side of the bed. Our clients get cold and occasionally need another blanket handy (no lid involved) so we specified this Ivory Pom Pom Cameron Quilt to go inside the large Natural Hyacinth Noelle Tote Basket beside the bed.

airbnb bedding

A World Market large Natural Hyacinth Noelle Tote Basket ($69.99) – sits on the side of the bed with the Ivory Pom Pom Cameron Quilt ($119.99) inside for cooler evenings when our clients need a little extra warmth.

airbnb furnishings.

The large Natural Hyacinth Noelle Tote Basket is ideal for keeping extra blankets and throws.

That’s the Ivory Pom Pom Cameron Quilt inside, speaking of which, we used in our next bedscape, but employing our other favorite bed making strategy.

2. The Mismatched Bedding Set Method

I’m sure you can imagine from the title what this entails, right? We mismatch the quilt and the shams, but make sure there’s chemistry between them and that they can hang out for long periods of time, maybe even get married.

The goal is to combine the components in such a way that they look like they were “meant for each other.” I know this might sound intimidating, but it’s not hard to do. It just takes a little experimentation.

This method is easiest to do by going to Cost Plus World Market and holding things up side by side to see what, sometimes inexplicably, goes together.

For example, in our third bedscape, we used those same Gray Paisley Kantha Embroidered Ishani Pillow Shams, but instead of pairing them with the matching quilt, we took the Ivory Pom Pom Cameron Quilt out of the basket and folded it at the bottom of the bed.

Then we propped this cute Oversized Slate And Brick Red Embroidered Lumbar Pillow between the shams.

airbnb pillow 1 chic retreat

The Oversized Slate And Brick Red Embroidered Lumbar Pillow is perfect as a center pillow going between two larger square pillows on a bed. $34.99

You can see that it follows the same color palette as the paisley in back, so it works like a charm.

airbnb bedding 1 chic retreat

This cute Oversized Slate And Brick Red Embroidered Lumbar Pillow goes beautifully with the color palette of the paisley shams.

The nightstand lamp is the Jade Green Ombre Glass Table Lamp Base paired with the Gold Fan Cotton Drum Table Lamp Shade.

bedding airbnb

airbnb lighting on 1 Chic Retreat

We love the sheen of the blue/green Jade Green Ombre Glass Table Lamp Base. $59.99

Our next experiment turned out super serene, which is so nice in a bedroom, where people are seeking escape after long days of work.

We changed out the pillows completely, but kept the same pom pom quilt. We put two green 26″ x 26″ square Euro shams we found at Cisco Brothers, with this cute Blue Stonewashed Embroidered Throw Pillow. The result is one of our favorite color combinations – blue and green together.

airbnb bedding

The Blue Stonewashed Embroidered Throw Pillow combines so well with the larger Euro pillows in back, creating serene bedscape, an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Blue Stonewashed Embroidered Throw Pillow on 1 Chic Retreat

This Blue Stonewashed Embroidered Throw Pillow features such a pretty blue; it reminds us of the Mediterranean sea. $39.99

We saved our favorite staging shot for last and it involves a little design secret that injects a tangible and seductive element in a room that shouts “You better take notice of me!”

It’s a design secret that jolts a space to the next level.

The “fabulous” level.

Add a dose of black.

And that last sentence deserves its own paragraph because it needs to soak in. A little black is to interior design what the exclamation point is to writing – one or two make a stronger statement; too many and it’s a sh*& show.

So be careful here. Add black like a dash of salt. Like we did here. The majority of the room is made up of soft greys, pinks, greens and whites but then we added in those two black and white Greek key pillows and a zebra hide rug and it becomes a gut-punch of awesomeness….

bedding for airbnb

This is our personal favorite bedding combination: the little dose of black in the Ivory And Black Key Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillows, combined with the Black and Ivory Faux Zebra Hide Area Rug make the room incredibly dynamic.

One thing you may notice above is that we omitted the folded quilt at the bottom of the bed. After laying out several, we decided the adage “less was more” applied. The decorative pillow combination is so compelling, we realized we didn’t need anything distracting from it.

Here are those awesome indoor-outdoor pillows…

Ivory And Black Key Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow on 1 Chic Retreat

Adding small doeses of black into any interior creates instant buzz. We love these Ivory And Black Key Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillows . $34.99

And even though the zebra hide rug is out of stock at the moment, we’re including it anyway because it will come back…

airbnb rug

We don’t know why it is, but zebra rugs almost always looks amazing. Whether your house is traditional, contemporary, modern or rustic, they work in nearly ever setting. Layer them over a larger rug like we did in this bedroom, or just place it by itself, and you have an instant bookings magnet. Black and Ivory Faux Zebra Hide Area Rug $67.48

By the way, if you like those two square poufs at the bottom of the bed, here are two similar ones from Cost Plus World Market that will jazz up your bedroom AND allow people to sit and put on their shoes, or have something on which to throw their stuff.

airbnb furniture

The Orange Woven Triangle Indoor Outdoor Pouf makes a great foot-of-the-bed bench when paired with another of the same size. No, they need not match, but they should marry well together in color palette and style. $149.99

Last but not least, we can’t help but call attention to the Ivory Moroccan Style Wedding Blanket Throw  in the side basket…

Not only is it nice on or near a bed, we also drape these over sofa arms when guests want to feel extra cozy.

To sum it up….

We have shown that you can indeed have an elevated, sophisticated bedroom by layering and combining, in myriad ways, all of these 19 awesome elements. The goal is to be chic AND affordable and World Market delivers in spades. That may sound like marketing speak but these are our authentic words after spending an afternoon immersed in styling our client’s bedroom.


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