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Introducing the ShareBEDApp – Make Extra Money From Your Unused Bed Space

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Did you realize that the average person only use up to 40% of their bed? Every single night?  What’s happening to the other 60%? Wasted.

That space is doing nothing for you and definitely not making you any money.  Well, that’s about to change with the release of an exciting new sharing platform called shareBEDapp.

This revolutionary platform is taking the sharing economy to its most intimate and exciting form yet – help you utilize the unused part of your bed.

Signing up is easy.

Step 1: Create Your Bed Listing on ShareBEDApp

LearnAirbnb April Fools
Creating a listing similar to creating your Airbnb listing.  You’ll need to specify things like:
  • bed size
  • mattress brand & firmness
  • sheets and bedding type
  • thread count
  • early or late to bed
  • early or late to rise
  • snoring or no snoring
  • etc…


Step 2: Set Your Nightly Rate on ShareBEDApp

Just like you would your Airbnb listing, you’ll need to set your nightly rate.  But don’t worry, the platform will make a recommendation depending on the information you’ve given.
On average, a non-snoring bed host with a cozy queen bed can make up to $30/night.  But with more luxurious options a long with added amenities, some bed hosts make as much as private room listings on Airbnb.

Step 3: Start Getting Paid on ShareBEDApp

It’s that simple.  The app goes live on April 1, 2018.
To learn more about ShareBEDapp, go here.

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