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alan egan

  • Can you check that all plugins, including Elementor are up to date, please.

    In the dashboard, on the left, go to plugins and double check.

    If that doesn’t work maybe you could email me your WordPress logins and I’ll take a look


  • Good question Jenny. Rally good question. Bloody hard question to answer. 🙂

    It’s still early days with Guttenburg so I would suggest that owners stick with the stock (the free website that we are giving away) for now or Accelerate based sites from before.  Although the stock uses Generate Press as a theme it actually uses Elementor as the s…[Read more]

  • alan egan started the topic Email Signatures in the forum Branding 2 days, 17 hours ago

    Here’s a video about email signatures that I made some time ago.

    This is a very simple (and free) way to improve your branding and look more professional. It only takes 10 minutes to set up.

    You can find the chrome extension here
    You can find more video help on Wisestamp here on their Youtube channel

    Please share your signatures below to…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    If you are on a mac you can two-finger tap or if you are on a pc you can right click on the video element and you’ll see a drop down appear. That has an edit option.

    That should do it


  • alan egan posted a new activity comment 3 days, 19 hours ago

    Hello Birgit,
    The 2019 theme is the standard theme that comes with WordPress (there is a new version each year). It’s good practice to keep this theme installed and up to date (but inactive). If WP gets buggy for some reason you can swap to the 2019 and see if the problem is caused by Accelerate.

  • Todays Guttenburg video tutorial looks at how to build and use columns


  • Here’s today’s quick Guttenburg tutorial

  • alan egan posted an update 5 days, 14 hours ago

    Pro Tip – If you are looking for copyright free images to use for your website, blog or social media I recommend and I also use
  • Hi Clare, Hi Jenny,

    I’m glad that you liked the video.

    I think (and these are only my thoughts at present) that Guttenburg will make Elementor and the other page editors obsolete in the long run.

    Page builders like Elementor were created because the ‘Classic’ WordPress editor wasn’t all that intuitive to use.

    As such the current Guttenburg is…[Read more]

  • Technology is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether that’s paying for a purchase in the supermarket, connecting with a loved one on the other side of the world or simply kicking back to watch a new N […]

  • This week I’ll be sharing some video tutorials on WordPress’s new editor, Guttenburg.

    This one is a beginners guide to get you used to some of the basics



  • alan egan posted a new activity comment 1 week ago

    I’m glad that you liked it Jenny

  • 2018 First
    Last year we made predictions by film and pretty much got it right!  

    We also have linked to VRMIntels excellent 2018 roundup for last year!
    2019 VR IS DEAD LONG LIVE STR (or Airbnb)
    Although t […]

  • Source: How to attract professional business travellers to holiday rentals

  • alan egan posted a new activity comment 1 week, 1 day ago

    I’m pleased to see that you like the notifications Jenny. We’ve added WordPress articles from Elementor, Yoast and Wp beginner this week too. Updates from these sites will appear in the left sidebar

  • alan egan posted a new activity comment 1 week, 6 days ago

    I’ll ask Francis to look into it Sherene

  • There is always a lot of chatter about the pros and cons of local listing sites.

    I’m asked about them all the time, so I thought that I would share my thoughts with you here in this short article.

    Owners ask m […]

  • alan egan replied to the topic Help Wanted in the forum The Soup 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Thank you Birgit 🙂

  • Towards the end of 2018, TripAdvisor, the largest platform dedicated to hospitality and travel advice, announced an important change in the way of interacting with its audience.
    During the last Skift Global Forum […]

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