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Rob G

  • Rob G posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Alan, I am really disappointed that you are joining forces with Houfy. We had our listing on Houfy and it was a total waste of time. I deleted it. on Houfy only has a couple of dozen Cape Cod listings and this has not changed in over a year. Pretty bleak, when you consider that Cape Cod has over 30,000 vacation properties. I also thought Houfy…[Read more]

    • Looking at a broader picture will it not be more advantageous to us that blog on VS because the more people that do it simply means more exposure for you and me …. ?

  • Thank you.  I will ask support.  I will also take a look at Elementor Pro as they have been adding a lot of functionality and will suggest they add a grid function and calendar (if they haven’t already)  Its $199 for Elementor Pro.  If they add one of these functions-I will go for it. Its on the list.

  • Thank you Alan for the push.  You and your team will solve it and I will keep working on my end.  I figured out the SEO (search engine optimization everyone) somewhat – making those lights green, now its a matter of plodding away step by step.  Alt text for photos,  key words, meta descriptions.  Demand for rentals on Cape Cod is very stro…[Read more]

  • I have added our 2 properties to the Soup. Still awaiting approval which I understand may take some time.
    For now when I surf to Vacation Soup and search for Cape Cod, or Yarmouth, MA for properties nearby I get
    one in Falmouth (1 hour away but at least on cape cod) and all of Marias wicked Awesome Maine rentals – nice but Seven hours from Cape…[Read more]

  • Using post grid, under layout options my only choice is a two column grid. I think alan’s
    example showed 3 columns. I wouldn’t mind having four like Maria’s page.


    But I can’t make postgrid do it?

  • I have had a problem with wp simple booking calendar. I understand that it only gives you one free calendar, but when I try to add a calendar there is no Add calendar button like they show in their video. Also they lowered their price of the premium version (linda gonzalez) to $30 which I might consider-I thought $60 was pretty steep.
    I tried…[Read more]

  • Hello Villa,

    Another alternative to Pixabay is   Plus I google free photos and came up with this site. and here is blog with 21 sites listed. and that’s just a quick google look. Rob if you would like to see my site.


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  • Hello, I am Rob ThatCapeCodGuy. Website: Finally launched our website-thanks Alan Egan and YouTube.  We actually have two properties so I will be doing a second web site soon.  That one will be which at the moment is a web site old style (html) and not wordpress.  This has been great fun and a lot of wo…[Read more]

  • Hi, I can’t access this video either.  I entered the coupon code yesterday and it worked, but I did not watch any of the videos.

    Now all I get when I tried again is coupon code limit reached, and as for paypal process I also have a message that

    we are sorry there is no payment process for your state (close – not word for word)  Thanks.  Rob

  • Thank you Alan,  To anyone reading, the site works full width without checking the stretch option box.  I did choose Full Width below.

    The slider images seem okay w/o increasing the size, but will increase to see how it looks.  The header image size does need to be made bigger.

  • Hi,  I am still working on my website and making progress.  I like the look of having the page full width, so I used the  section>Layout and changed the  stretch option to yes.  Slider and all other sections are now full width on my home page for example.  It looks better when viewed on a smart phone, and on the desktop larger pictures look more…[Read more]