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Linda Gonzalez

  • Kate, I think that’s how I did it.  If it doesn’t work that way, try going to to Booking Calendar’s website and see if they offer an option to upgrade there.  I had some snafus with getting it working right once I added the second calendar (this was a couple of months ago) but it’s been working just fine ever since.  And it’s pretty easy to add an…[Read more]

  • I’m not syncing calendars at all – I’m just trying to add bookings to BookingCalendar on my website for dates well into 2019.  Here’s the short code on the calendar page for one of my properties: [bookingcalendar type=2 nummonths=3 startmonth=’2014-01′]     I’m not sure how changing this will let me add bookings beyond 12 months out, nor let pote…[Read more]

  • I’ve got reservations confirmed and under deposit for dates that are more than 12 months into the future. But “BookingCalendar” will only display up to twelve months from today.  I’ve made a tickler note to myself once October rolls around to add my 2019-October reservations, but this seems like a really cumbersome way to have to do this. Anybody…[Read more]

  • To be honest, I had walked away from this problem for several weeks, was just getting too frustrated trying to fix it and terrified that I’d screw something else up as I worked to resolve the calendar issues.  But VOILA!  Today I had a whole afternoon off and decided to tackle this once again.  But when I went into my dashboard, all appeared to be…[Read more]

  • I just added a new post last night (first one in a long time…gotta do better…) but now when I click on my posts page (Your Mountain Guide) it shows the posts as long skinny columns instead of their normal size.  I’m using image size 200×200 for the most part.  But my Posts page now looks awful  🙁

  • note — I have (had?) the upgraded BookingCalendar because I have two properties and the free version would only support one property.  So I’m already out-of-pocket for the cost of the upgrade.  I too did followed the info to update the BookingCalendar plugin and no luck at all. I’m not real happy about the possibility of having to buy yet a…[Read more]

  • It tells me: Paste this snippet before the closing </head> tag on your HTML template —  but I have no idea what this means or how to do it

  • So far…I went to and got a new Site key and a new Secret key — then I went to the Plugin “Pirate Forms” (where “ContactUs” form is) and then went to  “Field Settings” and entered both keys in the appropriate box. But when I hit “send test emails” it did not work.


  • ERROR for site owner:
    Invalid domain for site key

    I recently had Siteground direct my old domain name ( the one I use for our business) to the new WP website I had created here under a different “temporary” domain name. Now my “Contact Us” page doesn’t work — when someone tries to send an email thru “Contact Us” they get the message shown…[Read more]

  • No, I have not heard back from BookingCalendar — nothing, nada…crickets 🙁

  • I emailed BookingCalendar customer support yesterday afternoon – have not heard back yet – will let you all know if and when I do hear from them.  Meanwhile, no calendar 🙁

  • I’ve sent email to Support at, but no replies.  And the Plug-in update that they sent to me was only valid for 24 hours, and now that has expired.

  • The Booking Calendar plug-in was not updated at first, but I’ve now watched the tutorial that came with the upgrade, deactivated the old plugin, installed the new one from the zip file, activated it — the settings now show that the new version is running…. BUT… the calendar is still not loading.  Same result as before– it says “Calendar is…[Read more]

  • Just tried to add a booking to the calendar for one of my properties and the calendars will not load anymore.  Just says, “Calendar is loading…” and then it never does. This happened from one day to the next – I’ve had no problems at all with the Booking Calendar, and now it seems to have just stopped?

  • I’ve added posts to my new WP website, but not to The Soup. I’m confused about how to do this…? I’ve got several great posts I’d like to share.

  • Thanks so much for your comments Francis! I’ve still got a lot of tweaking to do, and adding new posts, but I’m pretty pleased with it overall. Re. the photos– I ended up buying the upgrade for PicMonkey and it really expanded my options as far as photo choices were concerned– I highly recommend the investment in the upgrade.

  • I’ve just about finished my new WP website: but now I want to redirect my original old and ugly website (which I created years ago through Weebly) to this spiffy new one. But I keep getting confused on how to do that– what I want to do is redirect to the new site I created … in other words,…[Read more]

  • My site is also 90-95% done:
    How do I get it to show on the “Finished Sites” wall of honor?

  • I have same problem. I looked at Appearance/Menus but I don’t see how I can eliminate the second black menu that appears right below my main menu? Under “Display Location” it is clicked on “Primary Menu” – when I unclicked that box, then a got an entire duplicate black menu, showing two black menus in addition to the one across the top, which…[Read more]

  • Never mind… User error (my own!) Looks like I never marked it as “completed” — so sorry for the bother!

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