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  • Thank you Alan for looking into this and speaking with Super Control. I will try doing this when I get to that point. Still watching videos. My wordpress install is in place. I just need to upload your software to wordpress now and start preparing the website.

  • I have only ever collected the name of the lead guest who books the holiday, so I am not sure how to collect other names.  Sorry. Interesting that you have had disappointments

  • @rmoore I am just starting and also use supercontrol. Are there any tips I should pay attention to as I develop the site.

    • Hi I think the mistake I made was being led down the design matching root with supercontrol. Unless you can provide style sheet files for header and footer best to keep the forms simple and embed them. Alan’s theme uses a plugin to generate header and footer so css files are not easily available for super control to embed. It’s all working on my…[Read more]

  • chrisradford changed their profile picture 1 year, 4 months ago

  • I am just starting to build my new site to replace and I currently use Super Control so I will have the same need as Richard.  I will come back to this when I get there.  I really don’t want to switch from Super Control to a different booking engine since it would be a lot of work and potentially quite disruptive.