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Clare Cambridge

  • Opps I don’t think it liked my pasting above, you can delete if you want Alan.

  • <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Mine below, I actually already had one set up, but didn’t have the icons or the picture.  There are more spaces on here (in between the lines) but it’s nice and compact on my email signature.  Thank you Alan.</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Regards</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”></p>
    <p c…[Read more]

  • Thank you Alan, easy to understand video.  So is Guttenbury replacing Elementor at some point?

  • Please could everyone tell me what sharing to social plugin they are using.  Which ones are working best for them.  I didn’t know what to use so found add-to-any,  but I don’t like the fact that when it’s shared to my facebook page it say “published by add to any” and also this plugin hasn’t been update for a long time and I keep getting wa…[Read more]

  • Hi Darla and Chris

    I had this problem, but it’s sorted now.  I had to deactivate the plugin  ” SG Optimizer”  and then it worked straight away.

    The only thing I need to know now from Alan / Francis is do we leave it deactivated or should we try it again and how will effect the performance going forward.??

  • I would like to make my privacy policy visible, as I can’t see it anywhere and if I can’t then I assume visitors won’t either.   Can anyone help with how I can add another label to the footer please.  I’ve looked at that section but just can’t work out how to add another link at the bottom.  Help please.

  • Clare Cambridge posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Yes I do, I’ve got a couple that link up to my google calendar, the rest I do manual, including one I use on here WP simple booking calendar. It’s so easy to update. It some point I may see if if can be integrated but for now it’s not a problem. But yes wait for Alan to confirm.

  • Clare Cambridge posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Hi Neets, If you are following the video, I’m not sure if the same Calendar is being advised to be used anymore as I know there where a few problems, although that my not be the case now. I myself also had a problem and ended using (something that alan also recommended) the wp simple calendar booking calendar. You do have to pay, from memory it…[Read more]

    • Hi Clare thanks for your response. Do you advertise on multiple channels and use this calendar? Hopefully, I hear backfrom Alan soon……Alannnnn 😄

      • Yes I do, I’ve got a couple that link up to my google calendar, the rest I do manual, including one I use on here WP simple booking calendar. It’s so easy to update. It some point I may see if if can be integrated but for now it’s not a problem. But yes wait for Alan to confirm.

      • Hi Neets, sorry I hadn’t noticed this conversation before. This plugin works with Ical (it’s only $29)

  • Thanks Francis

    I’ve just published one and scheduled it for tomorrow, so that’s ok, it does say, posting in 13 hours.  I assume that (as you can’t select a time) it automatically published at a similar time of day to when you click publish for the schedule.  I am hoping to post tomorrow or the day after and schedule for next week.  I will let yo…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone

    Just saw this post, I didn’t realised you where recommending SNAP, I look myself and used add to any.  Is snap before or the same?

    Alan is there a list of recommended plugins for other things to anyway, i’d prefer to use what’s recommended by you than blindly chose something my self.


  • Hi is anyone else having trouble scheduling their blogs. If I put a date in and publish, it publishes it straight away. If I put it into draft there’s no option to publish at a later date.
    For me the part in the video which shows you how to do this, is different from what I have.
    I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks and want to do some blo…[Read more]

  • I contacted siteground and the very helpful lady sorted it for me.  I also ask how to do this myself if there was a problem in the future, apparently there had been an update (or something) and some peoples didn’t renew automatically.  For anyone want to do it themselves, instructions below.

    Log into site ground, click on my account, click on c…[Read more]

  • Hi Becca,  I have the same problems, what did you do?  Thanks Clare

  • Thanks Susant, if there’s no solution by the weekend then I will be following your instructions. 🙂   If it’s got broken, then I suppose there no harm in re loading it, it may even keep the data, (worth a try)    I’m just a bit worried now, why another update could affect any other plugin and if it could happen again, or is it the booking cal…[Read more]

  • I’m having the same problem.  Luckily the bookings are still there (I don’t understand why though)   If the other plugins are affecting it, wouldn’t it have happened at the time of adding the new plugin.  I have been on holiday and not been on for 2 weeks, came back, tried to add a booking and it just says loading.  Would like to know if ther…[Read more]

  • I copy and paste from trello into wordpress,  I think there is a slight confusion, once you have finished the trello videos, because during them, there are quite a few mentions of “don’t worry we will come back  to that” or “there will be another separate video for this so don’t worry” and then once you get to the end, there doesn’t seem to a…[Read more]

  • Thank you Alan,  I’ve added price (I was sure I had already done it)  thanks for the instruction, very simple to do.

    Thanks for the link,  I’m feeling a bit of info overload atm, my tiny brain can’t take anymore lol, so I’m having a break and going back to sort out the little things like the pictures, etc   before I go any further forward.  🙂


  • Hi Alan, yes you are right, really sorry I saved the email after reading the top bit, didn’t scroll down to the future instructions.  For some reason I though it was automatically just linked the website (i know, I know, having another blond moment)  I have listed now, (it’s says waiting for approval) .

    While I am here please could I ask a c…[Read more]

  • My Property isn’t showing on Vacation Soup, I actually have searched for the UK but nothing comes up, when I search and there doesn’t seem to be a local guide for the UK.  Help please   My blogs however are showing, the only properties showing alongside the blogs are in France.  If I click on a blog to “Meet the Aurthor” nothing happens.

  • Hi Alan,  sorry if I’m being thick, I’m not really very techy,  please could you explain, from the trello video’s, once we have entered all the details for the month for the blogs, do we then manually copy and past from trello to the plug in each day, I thought there was something that was going to come after that was going to do it a…[Read more]

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