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Dianne Doughty

  • On 2/28/18 I joined Vacation Soup. We were traveling to Costa Rica and so I did not get to set up my property until 3-1-18. This morning I tried to post on Vacation Soup to my Costa Rica Guide Blog on my siteground website and my Username has been changed to DianneDoughty. My user name has been Why was it changed to…[Read more]

  • My question is about the Property Set Up section that I installed yesterday for the new VS plug-in.
    I wanted to choose one of the three choices. However it would not let me delete the ones I did not want. I wanted in Atenas- in Alajuela – in Costa Rica. I did not have anyway to delete /on/near.

    I am once again excited about using VS. Sure hope…[Read more]

  • Yesterday I finally installed the new VS Plug-in for VS after I deactivated Host-Writer (I had asked for help several months ago but did not get a response). I succeeded in publishing my first post “Visit Our Atenas Friday Farmers Market!” and it posted correctly to my website and VS but it did not get posted to FB. Looking at Vacation Soup Status…[Read more]

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