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don amesbury

  • Can anyone advise about a problem on my Vacation Soup built website. On my blog page. Below the blogs is a series of links to previous pages. Mine are all greyed out. How do I correct this? thanks for an advise. Link to page:

  • don amesbury posted an update 4 months ago

    Alan/Francis. Everytime I write a blog I have to enter the lat and log and i can never remember it. Is it important? Can you change it so we enter the lat and long for our property once and it stays there. but we can change it if the story is about something in a different location

    • Hi Don, all of your posts will be geo-tagged with your properties lat and long but it’s better practice to add geo-specific lat and longs so that they appear on the map relative to what/where the post is about
    • Alan,
      If you need more listings for Homeaway and Airbnb you are welcome to check ours (Harbour View Exuma) is on Airbnb listing number 799175 and Homeaway 901599. Happy New Year Don

    • Gail,
      If you are uncertain about the ideas I put forward then as insurance add the plug in “duplicate post” first. Then you can go on the dashboard to any page, click “new draft” . Now you have a second copy of the page, so if the changes you make to the original page go completely haywire, you could delete the screwed up page you still have a…[Read more]

      • Thanks for all the helpful info! I think I may have missed your initial response. I will try these things. Also wondered if I could just ask Siteground for assistance.

      • Hi Gail, Siteground won’t help with this type of issue. The email set up is covered in the videos and here in the forum (just search ‘Pirate forms” in the Creating A Vacation Rental Website forum

    • Anyone else having problems with siteground? My website has been down all day. have spoken to chat and told they have a problem. been on to them three times each time they get website back then it goes down again. I get warning messages that site is not secure.

    • Still working on SEO. When I go to “View source” on my website I do not see a keyword list. Should I add one? or is it sufficient to have keywords listed on my dashboard pages?

      • You can assign each keyword phrase for each post or page by using Yoast. That will cover all bases.

    • working on SEO and have basic question on keywords:
      1)On Yoast in dashboard it says “Focus keyword”… should that be several keywords or my best?
      2)If only best keyword, where do I enter other keywords?
      3) went to my page source to see the keywords on my homepage, but dont see any? should I see them?
      4) is there such a thing as too many…[Read more]

      • Each post should have a different keyword or keyword phrase. If you write a post about the swimming pigs on Exuma the keyword phrase would be Swimming Pigs Exuma or a post about taking kite surfing lessons on Exuma the keyword phrase would be Kite Surfing Lessons Exuma. There are lots of videos on Youtube regarding using Yoast and keyword…[Read more]

    • don amesbury posted an update 1 year ago

      I had the same message comeup yesterday that my certificate had expired. I contacted my server SiteGround and they solved the problem in minutes (not really sure what was going on but they solved it

    • My slider has gone crazy fast. Tried adjusting speed via elementor. dropped it from 400 to 200 (400 what?) but the actual speed did not change. advise please

    • I had same problem with header and footer. Your solutions solved the problem thank you.

    • I am adding a link to my website from a site that wants me to add a line of java script to my home page and I don’t know how to do that. Advise please.

      Plus, how do I ensure that the script I add does not interfere with script already on my home page.

    • Just recently I have having a new problem.  Example: I was in wordpress dashboard at Vacation soup and I click on any of the menu items such as create, owner and I get an error message:

      I have had the same message come up using chrome  and on safari. I have gone to history on both browsers and cleared everything, but the message persists. I j…[Read more]

      1. On the vacationsoup website, the link  from travel tips to what-to-see appears to be broken.

      2. When logging onto any of the pages under travel tips I see that, for example, a page is at “what-to-see”, whereas I was putting “whattosee” as the tag on my blog?  does it matter or which should I use?

    • Hey. It Works! I posted a blog this morning on beach weddings and lo and behold, its number 5 on Google’s front page out of 202,000!!!! Should be a bundle of inquiries tomorrow !

    • I helped a friend build a Vacation Soup website, since the friend was not intending to blog, I removed the blog from main menu (i think I trashed the page).  Now friend has decided to try blogging but I cannot find how to resurrect the page. I realize that I can add a new page, and add page to menu, but the layout of the page is different to…[Read more]

    • don amesbury changed their profile picture 1 year, 5 months ago

    • don amesbury changed their profile picture 1 year, 5 months ago

    • Alan’s letter dated Jan 24th said the resourses password was; [REMOVED].

    • I Just Posted the Following on my Property Facebook Page. If we want Vacation Soup to succeed we need to help get the word out about Vacation Should you do similar?……

      Please be aware that when guests inquire and book through the big three rental listing companies, those companies  believe they are in a strong position, as a result…[Read more]

    • don amesbury posted a new activity comment 1 year, 5 months ago

      Thank you (again) Alan. Problem solved

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