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  • Good afternoon,

    My site is displaying properly when I view it on chrome, Firefox, and safari but when viewing in internet explorer it is all messed up. I’m not sure what is going on. My sister first noticed it a few weeks ago but is just now telling me. Not sure what to do. Can you please advise?



    this is…[Read more]

  • I ended up deleting those posts and recreating them. The first went through and scheduled keeping the featured image without any issues. The second I had the same problem again and ended up having to delete and recreate a third time. So it’s a mystery.

    Do you have a free scroll to top plug in you recommend that does not interfere with the v…[Read more]

  • Attaching a screenshot. I’ve scheduled two posts – one for tomorrow and then the next day. Both are missing images that I did put in the as the featured image. I went in again this morning and tried to edit and save and it’s still not saving with the featured image. The only thing that I have changed is a few days ago I enabled the WPFront Scroll…[Read more]

  • It’s not actually happening on anything that has been posted but happening to posts I’ve scheduled. I create the post with the featured image then schedule it and when I look to the side where you see your scheduled posts the image is gone. When I preview the scheduled post no image is there and when I try to edit it the image is also gone. I’v…[Read more]

  • Good afternoon. The featured image for my posts I’m scheduling today keep disappearing and I’m not sure why. One I used from pixabay and the other I uploaded myself. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • I have now figured this out. I just created a new page and transferred everything over.

    Now to figure out how to have better post navigation on the side bar!

  • I’ve somehow managed to delete the post grid shortcode from my blog/post page and do not seem to be able to insert it back in so that my posts show in a grid and not in individual posts.

    (1)When I try to try to edit in Elementor it only gives me the option of editing my header and footer so neither of those is a viable place to put the short…[Read more]

  • Thank you. I was able to get that configured. Now the only thing is when I’m sending the test emaiylit’s still showing its coming for Test Name at – Is this ok or am I missing updating something somewhere?

  • Hi Alan,

    I got my pirate form all squared away but not sure about this one piece. Currently set to send you information. What should we be changing this to?

  • Hi VS Team,

    I am getting ready to install and configure the vacation soup plugin after a short break. I am having a little bit of trouble trying to figure out what to put in the information of title, etc as I have multiple properties. Can you please advise me your best thought for reaching the most audience wise. I’ll elaborate more below.

    Title…[Read more]

  • Hi Erica,

    I used the tabs and toggle widgets which are underneath the general elements in the widgets. From there, if you aren’t on wordpress pro, to get anything besides text in or photos that aren’t in photo gallery format you have to get a few plug ins. This video will explain everything. The AE template plug in is what you deal with most, and…[Read more]

  • Hi Maria – here is an example hope this helps. Basically I wanted everything for each property in tabs to be easily displayed on one page. Tabs look great on the desktop site but not so much in the mobile site so I used toggles for the mobile site. I’ll say this is all in Elementor so if you aren’t using that it will be different I’m sure. 

    So…[Read more]

  • Hey Maria – I had a few pages I did not like the way t looked on mobile so what I did was build another section just for mobile on the same page. Hid that section of it for desktop display and hid what I liked for mobile/tablet on desktop. Maybe that’ll help you out

  • I don’t understand bounce rate but could this possibly be because a lot of people share Maria’s page online as a good example? So a lot of people are quickly visiting but not staying long? Just wondering because I’m new to a lot of this terminology.

  • Any update on this? Mine also does not work on mobile. Thanks!

  • I got the same notice about the caching. Is it needed ? I tried to enable it but apparently I would have to upgrade my hosting package. Thanks! Also word fence firewall asks me to download some backup files first…which kinda makes me feel nervous it might cause my site to crash.

  • Thanks Alan for the support! Siteground has really great support. I’m not sure I’ll ever be “done” with the site as I’ll keep making changes I’m sure.

  • Thank you – that worked!

  • Ok I had a little bit of a mental issue and decided to change my menu back to the blank menu. It got rid of the second black menu so that issue is resolved.

    But I’m back to my first issue which is the display of the menu on the mobile site. I’ll attach some screenshots but up top there are two menu areas. One actually says menu —this does not…[Read more]

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