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  • Thank you, Alan.  I had clicked on to Vacation Soup to post but it brought me to what looks like the start-up page rather than the one that invites you to post along with the suggested trending topics.  Today I noticed that I needed to log in again and that brought up the proper page.  I’ve gone back and forth a couple of times now and it is st…[Read more]

  • Sorry Alan.  The screen shot shows up on my end but I had to jump through some hoops to make it happen.  It won’t just paste into the forum.  I had to save it to my computer and then copy and paste it.  It copies fine directly into an email, however.  I have also tried this on two computers now.  Same on both.

    Incidentally, I also noticed the o…[Read more]

  • <div>Good Morning, Alan,</div>
    <div>Below is a screenshot.  Also, the post I created since experiencing this problem has been published on our website, but not Vacation Soup.  It was scheduled for Feb. 28.</div>
    <div>Inline image 1</div>

  • Has anyone experienced changes in the template for blog postings?  At first I would see the list of suggested topics, but that has disappeared.  All I can do now is create my own topic.  That’s not a huge problem, but then when I go to Pixabay to add the first photo, it won’t load.  I can, however, now go to Pixabay to get photos to load into the…[Read more]

  • Francis,  Mary here again (familysummerhouse).   I’ve been posting some blogs using the available photos from Pixabay for the starter photograph.  I noticed, however, that if I try to insert another Pixabay photo in the body of the text, it inserts the picture as the starter photograph for another, separate post — not the one I’m working on.  The…[Read more]

  • Francis,

    I am using Windows, Microsoft Edge browser.


    Yes, I used the search bar.  For example, for one of the entries I want to post I was looking for a picture of a mermaid made out of sand. When I search mermaid or sand sculpture within the Plugin, I come up with some photos of some weird looking mermaids or some generic sand…[Read more]

  • Alan and Francis,

    Mary here again from familysummerhouse, posting another comment about blog entries not showing up unless you use a Pixabay photo.  I was having trouble finding appropriate photos from the ones available when I click on the Pixabay button in Word Press.  I went to Pixabay’s website and found many more available and downloaded t…[Read more]

  • Francis and Alan,

    I have also had the same problem as Sherene.  I just trashed one of my posts and then re-add it using a photo from Pixabay as the lead-in photograph rather than one of my own and it now shows up in Vacation Soup.  I thought we had the option of using other photographs by using the Add Media button.  Helpful to know that we mu…[Read more]