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Jenny at Gone Fishin

  • Thank you .Yes, I will create more pages . The fishing list will keep me busy on holiday

  • Alan because I target one audiance for carp fishing and the other for simple holiday ( all at the same destination) would it be best to use what you recommend above with a link in each post to the fishing website where appropriate ? or use 2 seperate WP websites. Trouble is I have a job to manage one never mind two!!

  • thanks for this Alan , just what I have been looking for….

  • <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>I note I have to re load page every time I move from Home page to Forum.</span> Thanks for that Alan. Wise Stamp I spent quite some time playing with it but because we have 2 different types of guests therefore one label signature was not good for all . Yes, I have 3 different gmail accounts which lets me…[Read more]

  • How Bizarre it let me write this. But in effect when I go to Guttenberg etc it clearly shows I am logged out but when as said I go to Login it tells me I am already logged in Ahhhhh Dare not shout for help as its Sunday! Maybe others have same problem and walk away ?

  • Whats new ! Well just having a nightmare with trying to login to forum ( same problem I had on the 12/01/19 then fixed). So I am testing from here as of now it says I am logged in so I am testing will it let me write this!! Then when I go over to forum to example my branding forum or Guttenburg it says I need to login to write as I am logged out,…[Read more]

  • Well, I just had to ask….. Is there a theme you would lean towards using for rental accommodation knowing you would use Guttenberg if so which one please.

    I load the theme before I make any action with Guttenberg?

    Very much looking forward to the next one . is it possible youy could announce the next video in the revised FB Group so I can head…[Read more]

  • Hi Sherene,In answer to your comment on enjoying posts etc in community forum . I managed to plop ( dont do tecki language) what looks like an app on my phone that links the community forum. I simply opened the Community forum page in the search bar on the phone and hit the save tab and the icon of a ‘genies lamp’ for VS as said plopped up. So…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed the Guttenburg video, I have watched it twice ( yesterday in the dentist waiting room as well! memorable) and look forward to more videos not dentist!

    Great minds think alike Clare… I just popped on here to ask a similar question.

    Is Elementor used in conjunction with Guttenburg ?

    Guttenburg do we look on this as the nuts and…[Read more]

  • What a good read in #Bookster The link Alan has posted Written by Kelly Odor. Some great ideas that are looking for passing trade. Phew, thank god we are not though… but if we were I would certainly follow up on these many ideas, I would never have thought of in a month of Sundays.

  • Jenny at Gone Fishin posted a new activity comment 6 months ago

    Looking forward to this and a discussion with other users of Elementor . Yoast I just cant make it go green , looking to see how others cope with this.

  • Great to see the New Notification push setting, just added it to my phone. No excuse not to keep up to date now.

    • I’m pleased to see that you like the notifications Jenny. We’ve added WordPress articles from Elementor, Yoast and Wp beginner this week too. Updates from these sites will appear in the left sidebar

    • Looking forward to this and a discussion with other users of Elementor . Yoast I just cant make it go green , looking to see how others cope with this.

  • Hello Francis thanks for you response. Don’t laugh but I am going to have to read what you say quite a number of times before I get the gist . This is when I wish I was a drinker of alcohol. Seriously my tipple is tea

    When you say on our ‘Owners Facebook group’  are you referring to the one Alan gently weened us all off?

    I will try and digest…[Read more]

  • Sherene ….Exactly look at this, here I am now and its a few weeks or more since I was last here… OK Christmas and NY got in the way but as you say FB is in your face, I usually have a look at Breakfas time on FB when all is quiet. I would love to see a specific heading in the community for an exact tips. I see VS as an advertising platform…[Read more]

  • OK, thanks for the reply. I am floundering a bit so very much looking forward to some rules of thumbs and tips.

  • Thanks for this Alan. Can we have a sticky with lots of tips like this . Somewhere we can go to run through a checklist of best practices . I really dont see much of peope interactig within VS as regards helping each other, is it because they are very savvy on the whole?  Is it possible Vacation Soup on Facebook could have its own page for tips…[Read more]

  • OK to the point . How do we use and manipulate our uploaded posts to the Waiter that are showing in Vacation Soup.

    Q1/ When our very own upoaded post pops up in Facebook Feed is it good practice to make a comment within its facebook post?

    Q2/ OK so there is the post in Facebook Feed showing off our uploaded bit to the Waiter… is it good…[Read more]

  • Hello Clare I am pondering similar. I have been looking at this because its free …  also there is buffer  and then hootsuite

    Have you an opinion on the above or does anyone else out there ? I have a question that is re…[Read more]

  • Is it good practice to place each full blog that I publish to the Waiter onto one of the other non WP sites I own or just place a back link into the non WP site back to my WP site?
    Will I get brownie points from Google using a back link to my WP site ?
    What is every one doing?

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