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  • Thanks, Alan. I am wondering if the travel logs could be displayed UNDER the ‘Places To Stay’ in the ‘Places To Stay’ search results. It is a bit confusing, and some travelers in a hurry might not scroll down to see the actual listings. Just a thought. I also had left a couples of questions for Francis in another forum and still hoping to hear…[Read more]

  • Hi, Hoping this is the right place to post this. I listed my property a couple of weeks ago here on the Soup (referred by Vince Perez). When I do a search on my town, Florence, Oregon, to find my listing, I get an error message. Please advise.

    Thanks, Rebecca (screen capture, below):

  • Hi, wasn’t sure where to post this. When I searched for my property in Florence, Oregon, the following is displayed. Please advise. Thanks, Rebecca

  • Hi Francis,

    Should I write you directly at your email address? Still not sure about how to coordinate my blog with you and which way I will need to go since neither of my current vacation rental websites (wordpress and lodgify) allow me to load plug-ins (see my last message to you, above). Thank you!

  • Following…I am curious to know the answers to these as well, as I will be building my own website too with this template!

  • Hi Francis,

    Unfortunately, my website is on the Lodgify platform – I cannot use plug-ins with it. I don’t mind buying yet another wordpress site, one that will accept plug-ins (I am not very happy with how the Lodgify platform is run and the websites are clunky and not so pretty). So once I have that new wordpress site, do I then just ask you for…[Read more]

  • Hi Francis,
    Thank you for your warm welcome! Here’s my biggest problem: The WordPress website I have does not allow plugins. I guess I got the wrong kind of site. I’m thinking I am going to now have to get a second website with WordPress, one that allows plugins and do yet another vacation site, and let my other one expire that is on WordPress…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was referred to Vacation Soup by Vince Perez. I am relatively new to the industry; I have a short term vacation rental on the property where I also live on the Oregon Coast. Although being new to the STR rental industry (we opened last year and have been basically sold out since opening via Airbnb; with a bit of business from VRBO,…[Read more]

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