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  • Hi Alan.  Yes, that definitely helped.  I am using Chrome.  Both Video and Maps, I am able to edit now.  Thank you very much.

  • Thank you Alan.  I will try that.

  • Internet Explorer

  • Internet Explorer

  • I know this sounds weird, but just like I can not see edit options for videos, I now can not see edit for the Google Maps I am up to changing.  The Edit Google Map that you are doing in your video, does not show up on my Elementor screen.  Only Edit Icon appears on the left side when I click on the map (to change it)

  • But I am still not getting the ‘edit’ ability for the video.  I will email you my info.  Thank you for your help.


  • Hi Alan,

    I did what you recommended:
    <h2>Install Required Plugins</h2>
    The installation process is starting. This process may take a while on some hosts, so please be patient.
    <h2>Installing Plugin Elementor Addons & Widgets (1/1)</h2>
    Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php[Read more]

  • Thank you the help Alan.  Unfortunately, on my pc, I am right clicking, but seeing only a drill down of these options (Copy video URL, Copy video URL at current time, Copy embed code, Loop, Troubleshoot playback issue, Copy debug info, Stats for Nerds).  No edit option.  I think I’m doing this right, I’m in Elementor.  The other areas I have sta…[Read more]

  • Hello, I am not seeing any Plugin notifications on my site, but I am very new to all this.  I am editing my new web page, but the section for adding videos, the ‘Edit’ blue icon button is not showing up for that section only.  I see it on all images, or titles, but as far as the video one, it does not show up.  I’m trying to put in a video link in…[Read more]