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  • pablo posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    My website has been indexing well on Google. However, there was a sudden and significant drop in the number of indexed images that confuses me. I am up to date on all plugin revisions (Yost for SEO and Foo for Images). I’m not sure how Google detects I have 855 images (I have far fewer), but as recently as a couple weeks ago, the majority…[Read more]

    • Hello Pablo,

      I’m guessing that this is a Google reindexing. They may have updated to remove similar images. But that’s only a guess

  • pablo posted a new activity comment 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Thanks – I think I’ll stick with GrowBig.

  • pablo posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Alan, It’s renewal time for me with SiteGround. Since I’m only interested in running one website, don’t use any capacity to speak of for email and use a UpDraft+ premium for backup, do you think there is any reason to continue with a Grow Big subscription or that it would be fine for me to downgrade to what they call the Start Up version?

  • Thank you!!  Updated and everything seems to be working correctly.  As a side-note, I received a false warning that my homepage could not be indexed.  It was listed in the Yoast SEO Plug in tab, but when investigating I found the following paragraph on the Yoast site:  “Please test the URL in Google’s mobile-friendly test here. If Google can run…[Read more]

  • Scratch the business sidebar question 🙂 Old mind finally remembered all I needed to do is change feature image on page linked via widget.  🙂

    Still would like to confirm that it’s good to update the three twenty xxx files as well as Accelerate theme.  Sorry, about being so precise.

  • Thank you Alan.  To make sure I’m clear, I should update the theme as well as  “Twenty Fifteen,” “Twenty Sixteen,” and “Twenty Seventeen.”  Is that correct?  How are these three associated with the Accelerate theme or were they integrated as a part of your unique Child modification (maybe that’s not the correct word)?  I’ve read about each so I k…[Read more]

  • I have a notification that Accelerate update 1.3.5 is available (I’m currently 1.3.4).  However, there is a warning that any “customizations” will be lost if I update.  Since we are running a “Child” theme, is this a concern or can I simply update to 1.3.5?  Also there are updates shown for “Twenty Fifteen,” “Twenty Sixteen,” and “Twenty Se…[Read more]

  • While I slept, lines 57 through 59 in my deactivated speed booster pack code were changed (you can find these sorts of notifications in the WordFence plugin, which everyone should be using). This is not totally uncommon to see a few lines of code in a plugin change without warning or updating, but it is not the norm. These changes appear to…[Read more]

  • Are you also using plugin WS Total Cache?  If so, deactivate that too.