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  • Paola Gheis posted an update in the group Say Hello 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hello Everyone! My name is Paola Gheis. I love soups, especially salmorejo, which is pictured in my profile background photo and this is the reason why I joined the Vacation Soup 🙂. I live in Barcelona and often in Florence where my soulmate live. I own two properties in Barcelona and Sitges. Eventually I created Fully Booked Home a consulting business to help VR owners launching, branding and managing professionally their properties… and accidentally I ended up managing the properties for one of my client. All too beautiful to reject the opportunity. These properties are farily luxurious so I have been learning about the luxury industry as well. I am very happy to be here, meet new colleagues and keep in touch with old ones. Thanks Alan and Francis!

    • Hello Paola, nice meeting you here too!

      • Hi Isabelle!! How lovely to see you here too!! All well?

        • Yes, I m very well and you?

          • Hi Isabelle, yes I am well. Copying with this extraordinary wave of heat and luckily very busy with my new fully booked home. I have entered the luxury industry as well and I am actually enjoying it. I hope we will get a chance to conversate one day about luxury. I remember you have a gorgeous property in France (can’t remember the area). And speaking of France we are driving up to Aquitaine in a few days in Landes dept. which I don’t know yet and I can’t wait! Take care, Paola

            • Hi Paola, congrats on your new fully booked home! Glad to hear you entered the luxury industry. We’re quite busy at the moment with different projets, but when I m free, I ll contact you for a chat.
              France is the perfect destination at the moment if you want to avoid the heat (today, here in Dordogne, it is 22°c with a blue sky!). Les Landes is a beautifull area, have a fantastic time!

    • Salmorejo is one of my favourites too Paola. Lovely to see you here. Look forward to chatting, swapping and sharing!

      • Hi Lou, yes, likewise! no Andalusia this summer but I have learned to make a great salmorejo (with thermomix) so I can manage :-))