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  • It doesn’t work. I drag it and it does nothing. I tried dragging it below my slider and it put in a blank line with nothing in it. Is there some way I can give you access to look at it? I’m not even sure my header is right. It says it is 1100×200 but it is not as wide as the sliders…which I think it was before. I’m afraid I just have an image in…[Read more]

  • I got it there and saved. Now I realize that I no longer have the Home/About Us/Our Property, etc. row at all! It is gone. How do I get that back? This Header is going to be the death of me!

  • Here’s the problem…my header got completely deleted. So now when I go through Appearance/Header/Edit with Elementor…it just gives me a place to insert a blank box. I pulled the “image” over from the side and tried to put the pic back in. It doesn’t put it in the right spot. It puts it under the Home/About Us/Our Property, etc. row. See below.…[Read more]

  • When I am in Elementor and click on the map there is no box that comes up on the left like in your video. How do I get the map changed to my location?

  • How do I do that? I thought if I went back to Appearance/Header and followed the original instructions I could select a new pic to override the one there. However, that doesn’t work. If I try and trash the header then it doesn’t look like I can insert a new one. I’m confused.

  • I am just starting my WordPress site and I got a notice that says “SG Optimizer: Your site is not cached. Make sure Dynamic Cache is enabled.” Should I do that?

    I also have something that says “To make your site as secure as possible, take a moment to optimize the Wordfence Web Application Firewall” and gives me a button to click to configu…[Read more]

  • I put my header on my home page but now I want to change the text. I can’t figure out how to do it. Help!

  • i am on the new WP version. I put the wrong text on my header but can’t figure out how to edit it. It has a pencil on it but when I try and select that it won’t let me. I know I had to go to Appearance instead of Elementor to create it…but how do I edit it?