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Peter Langer

  • I am unable to add youtube videos to posts I am trying to create in VS. However, I have no problem adding the video to the add new posts tab through wordpress on my website. Any ideas why this might be happening?

  • Just wondering if anyone has looked into using Lumen 5 to create blog posts?  It transforms verbal blog posts into videos using either user provided videos and photos, or you can use their library of photos and video clips.  I have been reading about how people are much more engaged with video posts.

  • Here’s our Facebook header.  Thank you so much Alan.  Also thanks to Laurie since I borrowed some of your verbage.


  • I spoke to Siteground and they were not able to help me.  They said it was probably a theme conflict and I should contact the Accelerate developers.  When I finished with Siteground, I was snooping around the accelerate theme on my wordpress dashboard and somehow accidentally changed the theme so it is now completely messed up.  The homepage no…[Read more]

  • My gallery images don’t show up in either Safari or FireFox, but they do show in Chrome.  In Safari, when I first click on the galley tab the images show up.  but when I choose another tab and then go back to Gallery tab, no images.  I have the same problem with Our Guests tab.  Never had this problem before.  I just updated the Foobox plugin and…[Read more]

  • I just deactivated the speed booster plugin (after already updating the plug in and unchecking what has been suggested), still no luck.  Not sure what to do about caching plugins.  i do see that i have w3 total cache installed.


  • Nikki,

    Thanks for checking on your mobile.  I am using an iPhone X, but the menu button on my homepage is not working.

  • I also updated the speed booster pack and unchecked the scripts to footer option.  It solved the testimonial not appear issue problem.  I also have a problem with the menu button on the home page of my iPhone not functioning.  I read that you had a similar problem with your mobile menu and doing the Speed Booster Pack tip worked for you, but my mo…[Read more]

  • After trying your suggestions, my mobile menu is still not functioning.  I deactivated speed booster pack and I also reactivated SBP and unchecked the “scripts to footer option”.  I did notice that the menu button works on other tabs once selected, it just doesn’t work when you first get to the page.


  • Deactivating the speed booster plug in did the trick.

  • Thanks for your reply Susan.  I do have that shortcode on my “our guests” page, so it must be some other issue that I cannot figure out.

  • I’ve had my website up for over a year, but just noticed that guest reviews that I enter into testimonials do not get transferred to my Our Guests page.  When I do a preview of the testimonial it looks fine, but it does not find its way over to Our Guests page which remains blank.  Any thoughts and help on this would be greatly appreciated!  I am…[Read more]

  • Peter Langer posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

    I have made the change. Thanks for your help.

  • @alan-egan I can’t find any of my numerous posts on VS. They also don’t appear in the Caribbean magazine as I would expect. They also don’t appear when I do a search for St. John. Am I doing something wrong on my end?

    • I’ll look into this Peter

    • Hi Peter, we have got to the bottom of this at last, along with your old Afghanistan problem. It would appear that the longitude you have set in the waiter should be -64.7281 for St John, as opposed to 64.7281 off the coast of Afghanistan. I am sorry I did not spot that earlier. We are changing the 14 posts you have sent us, could you please…[Read more]