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Remi Thackrey

  • Hi Gattaldo,

    Welcome to The Soup. Malta is a magical place and despite a lot of competition, I bet you will be very successful with your property. It looks very enticing from this photo and I look forward to seeing more.
    I wish you much success with the business and please do feel free to ask any questions you may have in the forums.


  • Hi Jenita,
    Great to have you with us. Sadly I was unable to make it to the summit this year, but is sounds like it was a very valuable event for all those that attended. Looking forward to learning about Bermuda. Wishing you much success with your business. Remi

  • Hello Sheila and welcome to the group!
    We are glad to have you with us. Juggling 3 rental properties can be a challenge at times but I’m sure the rewards make up for it. I look forward to reading all about Tallahassee and some of your favourite spots.
    If you have any questions about building your site or marketing your property then this is the…[Read more]

  • Hi Blake,

    Welcome to the forum. Quite a few of the property owners here rent out remotely and while it is a challenge, it can be done very successfully.

    Glad you got great support from Alan and Francis, they are good lads!

    Look forward to reading about Virginia.



  • Hi Darrell, Sherry and Darrian,

    Welcome to the Soup! I look forward to seeing your site and hearing stories from the ‘Ministry of Fun’, I think many of us would appreciate having a Darrian around. Possibly the most important aspect of remote hosting is having a great team on the ground to deal with your guests and any potential problems that may…[Read more]

  • Hi Annsmith,

    Glad to have you with us. We look forward to sharing and learning with you alike. Good luck with the website and let us know how we can assist you.


  • Hi Patty and Rudy,

    Great to have you with us. Congratulations on taking this step towards further independence. Very much looking forward to learning about some of the places and activities you recommend in Panama. Feel free to ask questions in the forum if you need any assistance.

  • Hi Kate,

    I am no expert, but have done both the old and new courses.

    All of what you need to do is web based through wordpress, there are some things that can be downloaded to help you if you choose, but the major concern here is your web browser. Chrome if you are on PC and Safari for Apple. (Please someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it works…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    It is not a good idea to copy and paste text directly, this is likely to get you into trouble at some point. I very often use an online translation tool for some of the writing I do. is one of the most accurate ones I have found and allows you to change most words. Spero che questo aiuti!

  • Hi Julie,

    Thanks for being a part of this group. The more of us work together, the more powerful we become.

    I look forward to learning about your part of Colorado.


  • Remi Thackrey replied to the topic Hello in the forum Introduce Yourselves 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi Lynne,


    It is great to have you with us. I think many of us here would agree with you that holiday rentals is much harder than it used to be. That is why independence is so important. Enjoy spending time on your website, for me, I have learned a lot about my area that I didn’t know. Wishing you success in your business.

  • Hi Katrina,

    Welcome to The Soup, it is great to have you with us. I look forward to learning all about your area.

    Wishing you much success with your business.

  • Hi Lina,

    Great to have you here. I saw some of the posts you have added. Good stuff.

    In response to your question, go straight to siteground and register your new domain with them. Otherwise you will end up paying a transfer fee further down the line. Also that way everything is on one place and your renewal dates correspond.


  • Linda, you will be so pleased with yourself once it is done. For me, that boost helped me get my business back to myself. Thus far in 2018, my stats are small (it is only 6 weeks in), but 80% of enquiries are independent of the big listing sites. These stats will change over time, up and down, but it is still early days. Please do ask for help, as…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrea and Linda. Welcome to the fold! I think I can answer both your statements (technical questions should come to the relevant place in this forum because I am not technical at all!). Andrea, you have a great site, I love the bedroom and bathroom shots. Absolutely on trend. Your next step is to use the waiter plug-in to share what you love…[Read more]

  • Hi Donna,

    Great to have you with us. It is fascinating reading about you businesses. I think the one thing I get from this is that businesses are constantly changing. Change is the ‘new normal’. Just like your own website needs to constantly be evolving. It is quite inspiring reading about how you have adapted your thoughts and actions to the…[Read more]

  • Hi Linda, It seems your listing was not complete, you need to add all your relevant photos, then the listing will be published. As always, let us know in the forum if you have any problems.

  • Hi Linda, I will look into this and let you know.

  • Hi Linda and Jorge,

    Great to have you with us. Your VRs sounds idyllic and ideal for those who wish to escape the city for a while. Looking forward to reading about the Tusquittee Valley. Wishing you much success with your business.

  • Remi Thackrey replied to the topic Hola in the forum Introduce Yourselves 1 year, 5 months ago

    Welcome Paul,

    Good to have you with us. I think many of us are on a voyage of discovery. I look forward to reading about Cadiz. Wishing you good fortune with your business.

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