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  • rhosuze joined the group Vacation Soup Plugin Users Group 1 year, 3 months ago

    • Hello, Just starting out here and have a question on creating a domain name. The name of my street (a small gravel road) is Kellys Glen and has always been the name of our property. We have a Facebook page with that name in it as well. Our VRBO listing comes up when that name is entered in google. So if I can find a domain name with a combo of Kellys Glen at the lake, would that be a good one to go with? Just checking because it’s more owner centered. But seems like it would make sense to continue this as our “brand” as well. Thank you for the advice!

      • Hi, Are you “Kelly’s Glen at Lake Anna”? I was noticing on one of your pictures on FB (if this is your site) that the sign says “Kelly’s Glenn”…(i.e. glenn not glen?) I see is taken, but is available. We are “”, but for my site and branding, I say “Inga’s Cottage at Cannon Beach” so our location is more easily identifiable. I am curious what others have to say. I like easier to remember website names….just my opinion, though. Your place looks lovely. We used to live in Virginia. Regards, Nancy

        • Oh, and I do like your mention of “Kelly’s Glenn on the Lake” or “Kelly’s Glenn at/on Lake Anna” for your branding.

          • Yes, that is our Facebook page. Thank you that’s very helpful Nancy. The sign in the picture says Kellys Glenn but the street name is actually Kellys Glen. I checked out your WordPress website as well and it’s very nice. How long have you had it live?

    • Oh, o.k. that makes sense re. the sign and your name. I took longer than I should have to get my site done, so it hasn’t been live that long. I am still tweaking it and it needs improvements. Are you going to start a site and use his new template? The new template is nice. Even though the format is basically the same, everybody has different content and we are spread out all over the globe, they all look different. And, everybody has been very helpful with problem solving when we run into issues.